Mobile number verification: to start correctly

CaptainVerify allows you to check the validity your mobile numbers by sending them in the form of a list or using API HLR directly in your application.

If you have any questions, all the information is available in our documentation, FAQ online.

How does Captain Verify's HLR lookup work?

The Verification of mobile number: Captain Verify checks the validity of your numbers directly from telecommunications companies (MNO and MVNO). Even in the event of portability or roaming by sending an HLR lookup type request to the mobile network. Home Location Register (HLR) allows you to obtain the MCC & MNC codes (first digits of the IMSI number) integrated into their SIM card and identify a mobile phone number (if it is valid or not, which operator is it attached and roaming).


Mobile number status

Result Description


The mobile number is valid, you can send SMS without problem.


The mobile number is invalid (inactive, deactivated, never assigned).


The mobile number could not be identified. The number is not in the right format or this is a fixed phone number.

Mobile number qualification

Result Description


The country's full name for the requested number.


Network name.


The current itinerant state.


If the user has changed operator with the same number.


DELIVERED_TO_HANDSET : HLR verification has been processed (assigned number).
UNDELIVERABLE_NOT_DELIVERED: HLR verification has not been to the end (number not attributed).

Who are the operators covered by the HLR Lookup?

The hlr lookup verification is available for more than 100 operators and 16 countries. Virtual numbers (VLN) are not included (unless provided by an operator listed).

Prefixes Country Operators



Bouygues Telecom, Completel Mobile, Coriolis, Free Mobile, Lycamobile, MobiquiThings, Mundio Mobile, NRJ, Orange, SFR, Transatel. Operators Virtual numbers (VLN) are not included (unless provided by one of the above operators).



Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, Aire Networks del Mediterraneo, BT Espana, Cableuropa (Ono), Carrefouronline, Cecosa Institucional, Digi Spain Telecom, DIA, Euskaltel, Hits Telecom, Incotel Ingeniera y Consultaria SL, Ingenium Outsourcing Services, Least Cost Routing Telecom, Lebara, Lycamobile, Mas Movil Ibercom, Mas Movil Telecom 3.0, More Minutes, ONO, Oceans Network, Operadora de Telecomunicaciones Opera SL, Procono, R Cable y Telecomunicaciones Galicia, SCN Truphone, Simyo, The Phone House Movil, Tuenti Technologies, Voztelecom Sistemas, You Mobile



Lycamobile, MEO, NOS, NOWO, Onitelecom, Vodafone Portugal






Lycamobile, Sipgate, Vodafone



InterCity, Lancelot, T-Mobile, TELE2, Teleena, Vodafone, Voiceworks



LuxGSM, Orange, Tango



3, Gamma Telecom, Lleida, LycaMobile, o2, Orange, Sky, Stour Marine, T-Mobile, Tismi, Truphone, Vectone, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone



Base, BICS, LycaMobile, Join Experience, Telenet, Mundio Mobile, Orange, Proximus, Transatel



Cellink Plus (Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co.)


French Polynesia

Vini, Vodafone



Digicel Guadeloupe, MIO GSM, Orange Caraibe Mobiles, Outremer Telecom, Tel Cell



Telma Mobile



Outremer Telecom


New Caledonia




Free, Zeop

Security and confidentiality

Your numbers are sensitive, belong to you, they must remain private and secure. CaptainVerify will never share or praise this information to third parties. All the information that passes through CaptainVerify is encrypted via SSL, it is this same protocol that is used to secure financial transactions.

When checking by list and when using the API, the numbers you want to check go through the HTTPS protocol (SSL) and are therefore not clear on the network.

How to clean a list of mobile numbers?

Step 1: Import the list

Your file must be in CSV format ideally with column separator the comma and as UTF8 encoding. Make sure you have a file (CSV or TXT) which meets the following conditions:

  • The mailing list must contain a mobile number by line,
  • The first line must contain a named field (but it is optional),
  • Your file must contain only one column with the numbers. Additional columns will be automatically deleted.

You must not add additional column in addition to the number column, the file will be returned to you with the validity information. To send your file, click on “Browse” or simply drag the file in the frame provided for this purpose.

Step 2: Format control

A compliance control will then be carried out on your file to detect the presence of numbers and see if the format corresponds to International format. Once this step has passed, you can then start checking the file.

Step 3: launch of verification

To start checking the file you must click on "Check your file". If you never have enough credits to fully check the file, you must then buy the missing credits before you can launch the verification again.

Step 4: Recovery of the list

Once the verification is finished you can download the XLSX file with different information, either your full list or only the list of valid numbers. For each line, the Status, Country, Network, Roaming, Ported and Details columns are added. Once you have recovered your list, we advise you to erase it from the dashboard.

Check your mobiles numbers now with Captain Verify!