Version 2 of the Captain Verify API is now available and it includes new features. If you are looking for a reliable way to verify the validity of your emails, you can integrate Captain Verify's email verification API into your own applications. We advise to use the API a posteriori because a verification can be more or less long (1 minute).


An account is required to generate the key for the API, this is what will give you access to the service.

API limits

The API is limited to one (1) connection and 50 checks per minute. When integrating the API, make sure your application does not exceed this limit.

The request

To make a request to the API, simply call the GET protocol at this URL:


Replace john.doe@gmail.com with your email to verify.

The answer

A json table will be returned with these variables:

Variables Possible value
credits Credits available in your account.
result valid, invalid, risky, unknown
The status of the email. if all your credits have been exhausted, the unknown status will always be returned, so as not to block your application.
details null, email error, greylisting, low quality, low deliverability, mailboxfull...
Understand the result of an audit.
free true, false
If the email provider is free, eg Gmail.com.
role true, false
If the email user has a role, ex: support@example.com.
disposable true, false
The email is valid, but disposable after a short time it will no longer be possible to contact the user.
ok_for_all true, false
Ok for all: the remote mail server accepts all e-mails (catch-all).
protected true, false
The email is protected by a proprietary antispam solution
mailboxfull true, false
The email address is full. She can no longer receive mail
did_you_mean default : null
If for example, the email is john.doe@gmil.com, the API will send you a proposal like john.doe@gmail.com.
email The email you want to verify.
email_normalized Email has normalized, removing tags for gmail...support+test@gmail.com will be support@gmail.com.
success true, false
If authentication failed, your credits are exhausted.
message default : null
When the success is false, an error message will be sent.
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