An intransigent anti-spam policy

Spam, a plague for everyone

While the very first spam in history was sent via the ARPAnet network (ancestor of the Internet) on May 3, 1978 by Gary Thuerk, an American marketing professional, the phenomenon has continued to grow over the last 40 years and spam has become a scourge for both users and email marketing professionals.

In order to effectively contribute to the fight against junk mail, CaptainVerify, applies a very strict anti-spam policy, a level of zero tolerance that fully respects the rules of ethics set by the National Union of Direct Communication ( SNCD) and we demand from our customers that their adherence to our anti-spam policy is complete and unrestrained, at the risk of having their user account terminated without notice.

Let's remember here what is behind the term "SPAM", also known as spam, spam or junk mail. Spam is an unsolicited communication sent to the e-mail of individuals or professionals.

He is usually sent en masse with more or less dishonest intentions. There are three main families of spam:

  • Advertising spam
  • Spam of fraud
  • Spam of Pishing (or phishing)

CaptainVerify, a zero tolerance anti-spam policy

Whatever the intent of spam that would hide behind a mailing list check, CaptainVerify does not tolerate any communication that does not comply with the law, codes or usages governing the email marketing business. Only email lists collected as opt-in can be checked and cleaned.

To use the services of CaptainVerify and increase your deliverability while reducing your hard bounces rates it is imperative that the recipients of your lists have accepted to receive communications from your company, structure or entity.

An email address is called opt-in from the moment the user has explicitly given his consent to receive your messages. This collection can be done through a form to enter on your website and / or a physical point of sale. It can also be the result of partnerships in coregistration but in no case, a mailing list purchased from a provider, even if the latter is serious and recognized in its market, can not be considered as an opt-in base.

If the quality of service of CaptainVerify is today recognized as one of the best on the market is because we do not accept to check and clean email addresses obtained by:

  • List purchase (opt-in or not)
  • Addresses collected without consent on own or third-party websites
  • Permitted email addresses

Immediate sanctions for non-compliance

Based on common patterns between thousands of databases checked and cleaned every day, CaptainVerify quickly and efficiently detects opt-out addresses and every abuse complaint is carefully reviewed.

In the event that a customer violates our antispam policy, CaptainVerify reserves the right to terminate and prohibit the use of its service at its sole discretion.