Verify email address for free

Need to check or test an email address without registration? We offer an immediate and accurate email address analysis. Easy to use, Captain Verify lets you know if this same address is valid or not.
We guarantee you total discretion since no email will be sent to the email concerned and no email will be recorded.
Our tool is for the sole purpose of testing the functioning of your email address.

Email verification with Captain Verify

You are not sure of the email address you were given? Have you identified the email of a company you would like to contact one of the employees? In short, you need to check the accuracy of the address in question. Captain Verify offers a free online solution that allows you to perform this check by removing expired addresses, invalid syntaxes and fake emails. This gives you immediate and accurate analysis. To do this, it is simple, just enter the address to check and click on Verify. Our system will then check the validity of the e-mail and connect to the e-mail server to test the authenticity of the e-mail account. It is a free and effective tool, requiring no registration.

Use our Online Bulk Email Validator

Checking email addresses one by one is not easy, especially when the list is particularly long. It is a tedious operation that requires time and precision. It is precisely for this reason, for the saving of time and accuracy, but also to avoid expenses related to this activity, that we propose to put our expertise at your service. Captain Verify therefore offers a service entirely dedicated to Bulk Email Verifier and Validation. Thanks to our on-line tool, your analysis is greatly simplified since you just have to download the complete list of emails in one go so that it is then verified thoroughly. This provides you with an efficient, fast and affordable solution.

Confidentiality of data

At Captain Verify, we make it a point of honor to respect and protect the privacy of our visitors and users. That's why so many customers trust us by sending us their email lists. In order to always preserve the confidentiality of the data, we undertake never to share and never resell any email address. The results of the analyzes carried out are only visible to the company that made the request for verification. Always in a concern of discretion and security, know that the robots present on the search engines can not in any case access the results. These are perfectly protected.

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