Captain Verify is a 🇫🇷 100% French tool that helps SMEs maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns

How ? By ensuring that your data is accurate and valid, therefore that your shipments are likely to reach the reception box of the targeted recipients. For this, we offer several agile features and various email check options as well as mobile phones, all at very competitive prices. It's simple, fast and effective!

Improve the quality of your databases

To guarantee the performance of your marketing campaigns, you need their own and perfectly up-to-date contact lists. Captain Verify helps you keep healthy lists by eliminating invalid or non-existent addresses. You have the guarantee to base all of your communications on precise and reliable information, therefore to reach more easily targeted people.

Save time and money

Between the invalid addresses, the input errors, the Hardbounces, the Spamtraps and other brakes, it often happens that communications do not arrive safely. The problem of non-viable addresses is a waste of time for your teams, and money for your business. To avoid this unnecessary waste of resources, our tool is positioned as the ideal solution, because it allows you to support your marketing campaigns on healthy lists, meticulously verified before being validated.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Captain Verify boosts the performance of your marketing campaigns by checking that each contact on your list is valid and active, therefore that each shipment will reach its recipient. In this way, you are guaranteed to obtain an increase in the rate of deliverability, but also a better rate of opening and clicks.

Optimize the conversion of your prospects to customers

The more qualitative your contact lists, the more likely you are that your communications reach their targets. The checks carried out by our Captain Verify tool thus allow you to reach your audience more easily, to boost the engagement rate, and to increase the conversion rate of prospects to customers to customers.

Our services

Clean Bulk Email Lists

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Email Validation API

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HLR Lookup

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HLR Lookup API

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Our Advantages

Take advantage of our prices

Captain Verify provides you with an advantageous price grid with decreasing prices. So the more lists you check, the more the cost decreases. This offer is particularly attractive for those who have a large volume of data to analyze.
Take advantage of our prices
Raise the performance of your data

Raise the performance of your data

Verification, cleaning, analysis, test: The platform provides you with all the tools necessary for the detailed examination of your performance, and gives you an overall view of the quality of your email and/or mobile numbers lists . From this key information, you can then determine the appropriate strategies and implement concrete actions to effectively improve your delivery rate.

The Captain Verify tool is an effective and proven solution chosen by many SMEs

Optimize your communications with your customers, protect your reputation as a sender, increase the delivery rate of your email/SMS campaigns and improve your customer prospects conversion rate thanks to our efficient solutions.
Use Captain Verify for irreproachable data
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