Email and mobile numbers checks: the advantages of the Captain Verify tool for public institutions

On the platform, many useful features are offered to you and can be selected according to your needs. Our checks can be done on email lists and on mobile numbers. Finally, because data security concerning citizens is essential, we also ensure that each address or stored number respects the GDPR.

The guarantee of the quality of your contact databases

Captain Verify offers you a quick, easy and fully secure verification of your email address lists and mobile numbers. By deleting the invalid, poorly spelled and non -existent data, our platform allows you to obtain clean lists, containing only reliable information. In this way, you have the assurance of sending the right communications to the right people.

Time and money savings

Sending communications to invalid contacts can make your teams waste a lot of time and money to your structure. Calling on our verification service will allow you not only to save on these two precious resources, but also to be able to focus on the quality of the communications you send.

Better communication with citizens

For your shipments to get safe, it is essential to start with a database on which you can rely your eyes closed. By checking each of the contacts on your list, Captain Verify helps you reach an optimal deliverability rate. In other words, your communications can arrive directly in the recipient reception box, for better communication between your institution and citizens.

Compliance with GDPR requirements

Respect for privacy and data from each citizen is a key point on which we do not compromise. It is for this reason that we strive to apply the latest security safety standards. Our servers are located in 🇫🇷 France and we have a pole dedicated to compliance with GDPR standards. In this way, you are guaranteed that information relating to your citizens is stored in accordance with the requirements of the general data protection regulations.

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HLR Lookup API

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Our Advantages

Optimize your performance thanks to our in-depth analyzes

Optimize your performance thanks to our in-depth analyzes

Using Captain Verify, you maximize the impact of your messages. Our service goes beyond verification and cleaning: we also offer a complete analysis of the quality of your emails and mobile numbers through a detailed statistical ratio. This allows you to keep your lists up to date and constantly improve your future shipments.

Benefit from our advantageous price grid

Captain Verify offers you declining prices, which means that the more lists you check, the more the unit cost decreases. It is an attractive opportunity, especially if you have a large volume of data to analyze. Take advantage of our competitive prices now to optimize your budget.
Benefit from our advantageous price grid

Many public institutions trust us by regularly entrusting us with their data.

Choosing Captain Verify means ensuring that you maintain healthy and impactful communication with your citizens, while continuing to effectively protect your reputation as a sender.
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