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Check the validity of your emails

Check the validity of your emails
Checking your email list is easy! Import your mail list from your CSV file (encrypted via SSL). We do an audit and analysis of the file. Once the verification of your list is complete, you can download your own file.

Clean up your databases

With CaptainVerify, check & clean up your mailing lists quickly. Say goodbye to invalid, incorrectly entered / misspelled addresses, hardbounces, NPAI and other spamtraps, honeypots. A simple, fast and secure service to improve your deliverability.

Improve your deliverability

Avoid losing conversions by keeping your emails invalid. Refine your data as quickly as possible to better segment your mailings lists. Captain Verify allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns and boost your ROI.

Our mission: Analyze your database.

Captain Verify provides an accurate statistical report on the quality of your database. Whether it’s emails: valid, invalid, unknown, free, risky, disposable…

Customer Reviews

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Marketing Manager in a company specializing in entertainment on the web. Our company had collected hundreds of thousands of email addresses that had not been operated. I had to find a solution to clean this immense mail base before I could launch my email marketing campaign. I found a simple and very effective online solution: I was able to start with confidence in the campaigns and the results were very good.

Karine R
Karine R

Manager of a web agency, it is very important to have a good deliverability. It is essential to do a clean up of its mailling list to optimize its email marketing strategy. I recommend Captain to all my clients, it is an indispensable service.

Gregory P.

I regularly use large databases to promote the activity of my clients. The quality of the bases is not always at the rendezvous, the penalties of mail servers, arrive quickly. So we looked for a solution to make the bases cleaner. We used Captain Verify which in use proved to be a reliable and great tool we recommend!

Laurent S.

Thanks to Captain Verify, I was able to segment my marketing base. I have a small ecommerce website, emails are often used for commercial purposes and I was able to lower my bounce rate and remove my duplicates quite easily.

Géraldine E.


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