Cleaning & very simple email verification. With or without commitment. No hidden fees.

Clean up your databases

With CaptainVerify, check & clean your mailing lists quickly. Say goodbye to invalid addresses, mistyped / spelled, hardbounces and other spamtraps, honeypots. A simple, fast and secure for improving your deliverability.

Check the validity of your email.

Checking your email list is easy! just drag and drop your mail list in the window, or import it from your file or our API (encrypted via SSL). We make a check list for imported analyzed and qualified. And with a single click we start the work. After verification of your mailing list is complete, you can upload your own file.

Checking in real time.

Do not keep more invalid emails in your database and avoid losing conversions due to user entry errors. Simply integrate our API into your existing form: web, mobile, CRM ... To check and clean instantly without the user noticing. Refine your data as quickly as possible without error or bounce.

Technical support

With a responsive support and online documentation available to you, we ensure that you will always be able to get answers to any questions you might have. Our customer service will answer your questions and will assist you in discovering your interface. No need to be a professional to carry out the cleaning of your mailing lists.

Real-time API

Instantly check e-mail addresses in your application using our API Real Time. Get ahead with libraries available via CaptainVerify for Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby. All information that pass through CaptainVerify are encrypted via SSL.

CaptainVerify Analytics

Analyze your database. CaptainVerify provides you precise statistics report on the quality of your base. Whether emails: Valid, Invalid, Unknown, Free, Risqué, disposable ...

On Demand

1,000 emails
Total: $10 $0.0097 per email


100 emails
Total: $0 per month Free

The benefits of CaptainVerify

significantly improve the performance of your shipments. Improve your sender reputation with ISPs. Optimize your marketing campaigns by increasing the rate of deliverability and reducing your bounce rate. Save as you send more emails to invalid or misspelled addresses. Boost your ROI through CaptainVerify!


If you require more information or we help you technically you can contact us anytime.