HLR Lookup: Check validity and identify valid mobile phone numbers

Consolidate your database of mobile phone numbers before sending your SMS in order to eliminate in advance the numbers that are no longer valid.
HLR Lookup: Check validity and identify mobile phone numbers

What is HLR lookup?

The HLR Lookup service (Home Location Register) lets you know if a mobile phone number exists and which Telecom operator is attached to the corresponding subscriber. It allows companies to check if a SIM card is active, blocked, suspended or if there has been a change of operator. Indeed, this feature allows you to know the Telecom operator associated with a subscriber, which is very useful for updating your SMS/Marketing Call lists and deleting duplicates and unattained numbers.

Check a mobile phone number

The regulatory authority for electronic communications and positions defines the rules applicable to mobile phone numbers. CaptainVerify performs HLR research and control on the mobile network and identifies the formats of mobiles numbers. We complete the information of the numbers sought, we inform their availability (valid, invalid, unknown) and their telecom operator.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Optimize your lists and save money! CaptainVerify neutralizes invalid, uncligated, duplicate and customer files are up to date. Do you want to qualify your mobile number base?

Do you want to delete obsolete numbers from your SMS Marketing list? Our verification service will meet this need!

The report will inform you of the following points

Validity of the number

Determine if a number is active, disabled or if it has never been registered.


Find out which network is saved on a number.


Check if one of your subscribers is roaming (connected to another network).
HLR Lookup : Who is this service for?

Who is this service for?

Do you have a small/medium business, a medical office, a business, a hotel/restaurant or you work in events? The CaptainVerify HLR Lookup cleaning service allows you to control the validity of your mobile phone numbers. Thus, not only are your costs considerably reduced, but you can finally communicate effectively and quickly with your customers/contacts. Do you want to know if a mobile phone number is still in service? Nothing's easier. Register on CaptainVerify and check each of your mobile numbers.

Why check the validity of a mobile phone number?

For a more targeted and efficient campaign, it is imperative to use a reliable database. Any badly formatted, invalid or unreachable number is a waste of time and money. Starting from this observation, our CaptainVerify expert service offers you to optimize your customer, contact or prospect relationship management, thanks to a clean database, in which each listed number belongs to a valid operator. In addition to a simple pricing and a proven high-performance service, CaptainVerify is the most affordable low-level web tool on the market. A HLR documentation is available to help you start.

How to check a mobile phone number?

Knowing the telephone numbers of your database allows you to better control your contact list, to control the validity of the information provided by sending it in the form of a file or using the API HLR lookup, to save time and optimize your sending. Notable advantages that you can benefit from with the Verification service for mobile phone numbers offered by CaptainVerify. Please note the numbers must be in international format E.164. Here is a guide on How you can format the international telephone numbers for CaptainVerify.

What is the coverage of the Captain Verify HLR lookup service?

Captain Verify's HLR Lookup service covers 16 countries, with more than 100 operators available for verification. The list is available on our HLR Documentation.


Our pricing model is simple.

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The benefits of using Marketing SMS

The benefits of using Marketing SMS

The Marketing SMS has notable advantages. First of all, it allows you to consolidate the link with your customer by sending him important information related to a product, a site or even a shop. If you set up a special offer, if you have to confirm an order, recall an appointment, etc. The customer will be immediately notified on his mobile phone. Indeed, the SMS has a high opening rate of 97% (against 20% on average), you are sure that your target will receive the desired message and read it. Using SMS as a marketing tool allows you to improve the user experience and establish a real relationship with the latter.

The quality of your mobile contact list will have a direct impact on the success of your campaign. The more safe and reliable this list, the more important your king will be. CaptainverFy and its HLR Lookup service offer you to clean your databases by deleting duplicates, nonexistent numbers, checking the portability of numbers, etc ...

Marketing SMS is a booming tool and becomes almost essential for any online and/or physical business. With a return rate among the highest compared to other media, SMS marketing is a simple and quick levié to set up but also relatively economical compared to other digital marketing media.

Discover a complete, quality and confidence service for your unit or mass professional SMS sending! An optimized solution for all your SMS sending needs. Simple, fast and efficient communication! SMS Marketing, SMS Alert, SMS survey ...

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