Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Need additional information? Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions about our service. If you can not find an answer to your question, please contact.

I can not find my confirmation email

If you created an account using an e-mail address, we sent a confirmation link to this address. If you can not find your confirmation email: Check in your folder for unwanted messages. Make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address.

Do I have to download software?

CaptainVerify is an online service only. There is no software to download.

What is a verification?

A verification will determine precisely whether an email address is active or not. 1 verification = 1 verified email.

What does the verifications process include?

Our exclusive multi-step verification process controls every email to several times in the world. We use, MX, DNS, SMTP, and other private technologies to determine the validity of addresses. CaptainVerify offers free dédoublonage and syntax error verification.

What are the advantages of checking/cleaning emails?

Email verification assures you to send email messages that will not give rise to bounce. Read more about our article: Clean up its mailing list: The 10 important reasons.

Does Captain Verify send emails?

No, Captain Verify does not send email on behalf of his customers and will never send email.

What is the processing time of a file?

Processing time varies depending on the number of emails in your list. On average we treat 10 000 emails between 2 and 10 minutes. For a 100 000-address mailing list, the verification can be done in less than 3 hours. For 1 000 000 it takes 2/3 days. This will depend on your file.

Do you manage international emails ?

Yes, Captain Verify treats emails from all over the world, consumer addresses with great precision. This includes verification for all major ESP, but not only for Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.

Do you store or share my data?

Your data is always yours and will never be shared. We archivons your data on your dashboard with a password for your convenience, but you can delete them permanently at any time. We strive to secure all user data and use the latest security standards. Your files and checks are stored for a period of 90 days and are then automatically deleted from your account and our servers.

What are the costs of CaptainVerify?

With or without a subscription Captain Verify will charge you only for your needs. Prices start at $7 for 1 000 on demand verifications and you can view our full rates on our homepage.

The Advantage of On Demand verications

Captain Verify proposes to purchase on demand verifications at a reduced price. This is useful, for example, if you have 4 mailing lists of 5 000 addresses. Instead of buying 4 x 5 000 verifications for $120, you can take 25 000 checks for $75 you save $45. It's 64% percent discount!

What happens if I don't have enough verification?

The processing of the file will be paused. We will send you a notification by email and on your dashboard so you can credit your account to complete the verification. We advise you to register a payment method. This simply allows you not to have to re-enter your information at each order and to have an almost continuous service.

Why my ESP (mailjet, mailchimp) asks me to clean my email base?

If your ESP (mailjet, mailchimp) asked you to check your mailing list, it is that probably your e-mail database has a high number of invalid addresses that must be deleted before doing your next campaign. CaptainVerify helps identify and remove invalid email addresses from your databases.

Why Mailchimp does not want to import my verified list? Omnivore Warning

You have checked your list with CaptainVerify but when importing from Mailchimp you have an Omnivore Warning alert because some of your addresses are still a risk. It should be known that Mailchimp refuses the emails of type role: contact@, info@ ... It is necessary to remove the addresses of type role of your list and the problem of import will be solved.

Does CaptainVerify have an API?

Yes, after you have created your account, you can apply for it.

Do I have to sign a contract to use CaptainVerify?

No! CaptainVerify is a pay service on demand. Simply register and pay for the checks you use. The prices of CaptainVerify can be found on our homepage. You have the choice of activating the automatic renewal of the Verifications.

Does CaptainVerify eliminate spamtraps?

Yes, CaptainVerify helps remove primary spamtraps. As some types of traps such as honeypots can be identified by CaptainVerify. And other disposable emails are valid for a period of time.

Why has my account been deactivated?

CaptainVerify monitors each account for specific behaviours that have been correlated with the misuse of the service (Read the Conditions of Use). When we observe these behaviors, we deactivate the account. To reactiver your account, please send a message via our contact form and we will respond quickly.

What type of file format accepts CaptainVerify?

We accept CSV files. If you need help format your file in CSV format, please visit this link. To properly prepare your file, please open it in Excel, make sure all email addresses are in the same column, click Save under and select Format > Comma Values separated by commas, and save your file.

Can I import a file with additional columns?

No, you cannot put additional columns. Just one column with e-mail addresses.

How many line can I put in a file for CaptainVerify?

You can put up to 1 million lines per file for CaptainVerify. If your file is more than 1 million, please divide the file into several files.

Why do I have an import error when I try to import my file?

Your file must be in CSV separator format. For more information, please see our section on Convert A CSV.

My file is blocked, what do I do?

Sometimes a misplaced space or comma can cause the file to slow down. Give the system a few minutes.

If your file is "blocked" at 0%: do not worry, the system must scan your file and depending on the number of lines, it may take time.

If your file is "blocked" at 96%: do not worry, the system performs a double check on some addresses and formatting the file may take some time and that's all. It is normal.

If your file remains stuck for more than 60 minutes, please use the contact form to send us a message.

What do CaptainVerify Terminologies mean?

For more information on our primary and secondary terminologies, please visit our page: Terminology.

What emails do I need to send my marketing campaigns?

For the best results of delivrability, you only need to send on valid emails. This is particularly true if you use e-mail providers such as MailChimp, Mailjet or Sendgrid… For more information on how to use each Terminology, please visit our page: Terminology.

How do I export only valid emails?

When your cleaning is complete, you can click the Download "valid emails" button on your dashboard. If you want your file checked, simply click on the "Download all" link directly.

Why are all emails of my file marked invalid?

It is likely that an additional delimiter was included with each email address in your file. For more information on how to prepare your file for verification, see our Convert a CSV section.

Why are some email addresses unknown?

Regarding unknown email addresses "unknown": the remote server does not respond in time. We have not received a clear answer for technical reasons beyond our control (slow / bad configuration of the server, antispam protection for the verification to go "unknown".

We recommend adding 3/4% of unknowns to each marketing campaign to not impact your deliverability. If you see that the bounce rate is low you can increase the% of unknowns. This will allow you to segment your base and master your bounce rate on each send.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept: Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. The payment system is secure by Braintree. Your information is securely stored on our payment partner's servers and does not pass through our platform at any time.

Where can I find my invoice?

When you have made a payment you will receive an email confirming your payment, simply log in to your account and click on My account > Invoices.

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