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Check your email list

Get rid of invalid emails and maximize the impact of your emailing.

20% of emails become obsolete in just one year. Protect your IP reputation and ensure the best deliverability to reach the inbox with Captain Verify.
Check your email address list

What is the verification of an email list?

This is a verification process (without sending email) to find out if the email addresses of your database are valid. To check if an email will not result in a bounce, our system will not only check the syntax of an email, it will check the DNS records, the MX and will establish a connection with the SMTP server. Our algorithm is able to go even further with better precision thanks to our automatic learning system (machine learning), which means that it will help you reach more emails.

Why do you need to clean up your mailing list?

Secures deliverability

Poor quality of your email list could ruin your reputation as a sender and your IP. Whenever there is a bounce, your deliverability takes a hit. You could end up identifying as a spammer!

Increase your engagement rate

Invalid emails will never engage with your content! Uncorified emails will reduce your reception box placement which will have an impact on your opening rates and click rates. It is better to privilege quality than quantity!

Save time and your money

Do not waste your resources on invalid emails!
Not only will it cost you unnecessary money, but you could even be blacklisted, which will make you waste a lot.

How to check an email list?

How to check an email list?

1 - Import a TXT/CSV file

Import a list from your computer to start your verification by e-mail.

2 - Launch the verification

Your list is verified in real time. It will only take a few minutes.

3 - Download the results

A detailed relationship with emails organized by status: valid, invalid, risky, unknown.

Verification process and features

Captain Verify uses a process of verifying several steps for your verification.
Included for every email list verification and also on our email verification API.

MTA verification

Check the MTA configuration status (message transfer agent).

MX detection

Our tool will find all emails with inactive or non-valid MX.

SMTP verification

Test SMTP communication to find out if the service is available.


You have the choice to keep or delete all emails in doubles.

Domaine detection poorly spelled

Captain Verify can provide suggestions on poorly seized emails, spelled.

Detects Mailboxes full

Put aside the emails whose mailboxes are full and which will no longer accept any messages.

Anti greylisting

When we meet a greylisting, we will wait a maximum of 30 minutes and try to validate this email.

Catch-All detection

We identify the Catch-All domains which accepts all the emails even if email does not exist.

Roles detection

Contact@ or info@ ... These emails are not addressed to someone specific.

Disposable emails detection

Get rid of useless email addresses. We identify temporary emails.

Detection of protected emails

We identify emails protected by antispam service.

Spamtrap detection

Spamtrap detection corresponding to our indicators.

Free emails detection

We identify free webmails (Gmail, Yahoo, etc ...)

Standardized email

We eliminate labels for gmail: example+test@gmail.com will be example@gmail.com

Email verification API

You can integrate the Captain Verify Email API into your own applications.

Email list verification API

The email listing API is ideal for those who need to directly validate a base.


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Data security

Data security

Your data is safe with us! We are fully in line with the GDPR, our data centers are located in France and the emails subject are anonymized in all parts of the system. You can also delete your email lists when you wish, otherwise we will automatically do it after 90 days. In addition, our servers are ISO 27001 certified.

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