Strong many advantages and constant growth in recent years, marketing automation is definitely a competitive asset for the e-commerce company that uses it. Indeed, this method provides automated management of many long and tedious tasks, thus allowing better results, both in terms of human efficiency within the company, and at the level of purchases and the actual involvement of client. Zoom on this must-have tool.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing Automation, is a method allowing a company to automate, track and control repetitive tasks using a dedicated software. The latter will then help the company improve its daily efficiency by standardizing defined tasks as well as its workflow, a bit like an autopilot, while providing transparent monitoring of progress.

Here are some examples of marketing automation in e-commerce:

Welcome message

When a client is part of the newsletter of a site or makes a first purchase, it is important to him Send a message to welcome him, and thank him for his subscription or purchase. This message can also, for example, be accompanied by a promo code, a reduction offer.

Reminder after a basket abandonment

On the e-commerce sites, many customers who, after completing their basket and completed the necessary information, do not finally buy the purchase, thus abandoning the basket without ordering. Automation can then be used to send a reminder email to the person to inform and invite it (if it wishes) to finalize its purchases.

Follow-up email after purchase

Once a customer has passed from a site, automation can be very useful for sending an email to ensure satisfaction, thank you for its purchase, and to encourage it to make new calls to your services / products.

Special event

Automation is very useful in case of birthday, on the occasion of the holidays, Christmas and other punctual events, because it allows to show the customer that the company cares about who he is and offers him an offer customized.

The benefits of marketing automation in e-commerce

Use of e-commerce marketing automation presents many assets. It offers:

  • A valuable time saving, because it is a software that is responsible for a long and tedious job, while teams can focus on other priority areas and non-automathate tasks.
  • A reduction in the risk of human error. Indeed, repetitive tasks sometimes tend to cause a relaxation of the concentration for the person who performs them, thus being able to cause errors. Something that will not happen with a technology designed and programmed to perform these tasks, making the processes safer, fluid and efficient.
  • More results For less effort, since a message can be sent simultaneously to a very large number of recipients, thus guaranteeing a maximum impact while reducing the workload.
  • Excellent customization possibilities with fully adapted contents, based on the navigation behavior and the purchases of each individual, thus leading to a sense of trust and valuation on the part of the customers, so thereby A rise in sales and a good conversion rate.


For those who manage an e-commerce company, marketing automation is a great asset, leaving them the opportunity to manage and control their strategy without having to manually perform the quantities of tasks involved in the campaign process. This method takes you a heavy weight off the shoulders, while guaranteeing an optimal purchasing experience as well as marketing actions perfectly adapted to the target audience.