Different from spam and far from being as harmful, the Graymail is not better. Your sending of emails may be entirely legitimate, if they are not read then the commitment rate will be zero and that is likely to lead your email marketing campaign to fail. Better understand what the Graymail is and what impact it can have on the adopted strategy will allow you to better control it for satisfactory results.

What does the term Graymail mean?

The Graymail, or gray zone, is a type of email from a source Legitimate, which the recipient agrees to receive, but that he will not open and / or read. For example, it may be a person who gave his email address to the store in which she made her purchases. The sign in question will then send him emails (newsletter, promotional offers, etc.) without the person being really interested.

It is therefore not spam, because the mail is considered as solicited since the address has been given by the recipient itself. Moreover, the Graymail does not meet the legal definitions of spam. However, there remains an unwanted bulk shipment that does not meet the specificities and needs of the recipients who receive it.

The impact of the Graymail on email marketing strategy

For a company, the Graymail presents a major challenge because it is necessary to be able to differentiate the recipients who agree to receive the messages of those who consider them as unwanted.

In addition, the commitment rate resulting from the Graymail is very low since most people do not bother to open this type of message. Finally, the fact of continuing to send messages to recipients who do not open them leads to a real decline in the global sender score. It is absolutely not in your interest to be considered a spammer or be reported as such.

How to avoid being considered Graymail ?

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) detect and designate the Graymails based on the lack of recipient engagement. However, there are several solutions to get directly into the inbox instead of going into unwanted mail.

First of all, you have to work the prospect’s commitment rate because it is essential. For this, offer relevant, attractive and adapted content to the send target to increase the opening chances of your email.

Bet on segmentation to obtain even more accurate targeting with recipients truly interested in what you have to offer them.

Do not hesitate to make re-engagement campaigns with, for example, interesting promotional offers and more personalized emails, focused on the specific needs of the hearing in question.

Take the time to set a proper shipping frequency: neither too much nor not enough. Find the right balance to generate interest and keep it, without tiring or walking the person of messages.

Finally, so that the ISPs give you access to the receipt of your recipients, it is important to regularly update your databases and delete the addresses that are rebounded.