With the omnipresence of digital, transactional messages are increasingly necessary because they make it possible to inform customers about the status of their purchase. They also create a bridge between buyers and the company, a link and a feeling of proximity, thus helping to overcome the cold distance from online business brands. The Transactional Email / SMS Duo forms a powerful communication tool and offers an optimal customer experience.

Emails and transactional SMS: what exactly is it?

Email and Transactional SMS are text-format messages, sent by a company to a customer in order to inform it on the transaction it has made concerning a product or service. It may be a confirmation of order, the status of the order, possible modifications, updates on the status of the delivery, a satisfaction questionnaire, etc.

Transactional emails and SMS: Non-negligible benefits

Transactional emails and SMS are important in a brand’s marketing strategy. Here are some of their strengths:

  • They make it possible to establish a confidence between the company and the customer, because it enjoys a precise follow-up of its purchase, at each stage.
  • The idea of ​​trust leads to a reinforcement of the brand image, which the customer then sees as a serious and reliable sign.
  • They increase the customer engagement in the sense that the personalized aspect of the transaction message makes sure that the person feels privileged, truly taken into account. So, the customer will generally be more inclined to interact with the brand and talk about it positively (internet reviews, commentary on social networks, participation in surveys, etc.)
  • Who says confidence and satisfaction, also says more sales. A gambler and happy with his purchases as his experience, will often tend to call the same brand for other products or services.

Transactional emails and SMS: the interest of combining the two

According to several studies carried out on a wide range of consumers, they prefer by far the SMS and emails as means of communication used by companies. Both do not oppose, but complement each other and must be integrated together in the marketing strategy. By using various channels, the company offers its customers an open, qualitative and clear communication, then leaving the choice to use the way that suits them best to interact.

Do you want to strengthen the impact of your transactional emails through the use of SMS? Here are the most common and effective solutions:


A notification is much more appropriate for everything related to real-time updates about a purchase because the person usually has his phone at your fingertips and can see almost immediately the message. It may be necessary to inform it of the sending, the delivery of his order, a change in the schedules of a flight or a train, etc.


Many customers feel reassured by receiving confirmation following an online purchase. In this case, coupling the SMS to the email is a good way to put the person with confidence, causing at the same time a better customer experience and therefore a greater satisfaction of the latter.


If you have already sent an email regarding a reservation or an appointment, for example, sending a second email on day J may not be appreciated by the person. On the other hand, the SMS is ideal for that. More subtle, simple and fast, it makes a perfect reminder for the customer not to miss his date.

Authentication and security alerts

With the numerous attempts of scams and fraud online, Internet users are looking for safety more and more. To feel confident, two-factor authentication with sending a SMS code is optimal.

Text messages are also a great way to inform a customer in case of doubt about the security of his account, for example when the password is changed or the updated address.