We repeated many times, the secret of a good emailing campaign is to send the right message at the right time. But what is this good time, this perfect timing that will make your emails have a maximum impact? We invite you to answer this very frequently asked question here.

Find the best time to send your emailing campaign

Many studies have looked at the question of the most appropriate moment to send an emailing campaign, allowing that some hours and some days are more conducive than others.

The day

According to marketing statistics, Tuesday is the best day of the week to send an emailing campaign. Then come on Thursday, then Wednesday. It would therefore seem that Monday, Friday and Weekend are much less appropriate because it is in the middle of the week that workers consult with the most attendance in their inbox.

The time

Every day has its key moments, the same goes for the consultation of emails. Here are the hours of the day during which individuals are usually the most active at the level of their inbox:

  • From 9h to 10h, with a peak at 10am, people consult their emails when you arrive at work.
  • From 13h to 14h, people consult their emails after their lunch break.
  • From 16h to 18h, people consult their emails when leaving the work or returning home.

Attention, day and time do not work separately, but together. Both must be taken into account for your campaign because they influence each other.

Do not forget to consider your mailing list

To send your email at the right time, it is essential to take your mailing list into consideration. Indeed, according to the hearing, these key moments can be different because the daily varies from one target to another. You must know who your subscribers are, why they registered with your emails, what do they do in life, what are their daily routines, etc. If you are targeting students, for example, they will probably not open their emails the same and hours as business leaders or home parents.

Although the days and hours given above stand out as the most effective and constitute a solid base, you must carefully study your mailing list and determine your personas To find out what is the best time for them. It is your audience that must give measure above all.

Other criteria

Apart from your mailing list, two other factors must also be taken into account to determine the optimal sending moment:

The goal of your email

Should he arouse real commitment and ask for great attention? Is it an email that can be quickly read (offer, promotion, etc.), or a reminder email for an event, for example?

The content of your email

  • An email on a promotion for a restoration service will be more effective if it is sent to meal times or a little before.
  • An email on a travel or activity offer will be more efficient outside working hours or weekends.
  • An email on a product / service B2B will be more efficient during hours of work.

How to find the best time for your list?

Once the hour and basic days took into account, once your hearing was controlled on the fingertips, you just have to do tests to see which formula works best. For this part, be generous and test all possible options to find the perfect time.

Finally, the moment does not do everything. You can choose the perfect day and time, but if the content does not interest your audience at time t, it will not be used for much. The timing is essential, as well as the knowledge of your audience and the application you put to meet its needs. It is a combination of items that, when all together, are likely to make you wait for your marketing objectives.