Sometimes a single image makes it possible to translate many words. Animated gifs are part of our daily life and are now immisculated in the professional setting. The integration of these image formats into the emailing campaigns is a practice that we observe more and more, because they allow for marks to distinguish themselves and attract the attention of their subscribers. But does the use of animated gifs in emailing always a good idea?

What exactly GIF?

The GIF, abbreviation of “Graphics Interchange Format“, is a digital image format that will create an animated and sound image. It can be drawn from a video, a movie, a television show, etc. The purpose of GIF is to capture a particular reaction, emotion or expression, which will then use to relay an idea.

Use of animated GIFs in an emailing campaign: yes or no?

Particularly popular, the GIF has become a real language on the Internet, some people are even able to hold entire discussions with carefully selected GIFs. In the field of emailing, the use of this format has advantages such as disadvantages.

The positive points of the animated GIF

  • It is fun and cool.
  • It is visually more interesting and attracts more attention than a classic message due to movement in the image.
  • It allows to stand out from the messages of the competition.
  • Allows you to relay a message, share content or present a product / service quickly, simple and ultra concise.
  • brings a more human image and accessible to the brand, thus strengthening the proximity with its subscribers and therefore their loyalty.
  • It is great to create a teaser as a new product / service upcoming.

The negative points of the animated GIF

  • The GIF can create problems when opening the email if it is poorly integrated or if the recipient’s mail provider does not support this kind of format.
  • For some people, the GIF reflects an image too familiar and therefore little professional of the brand, hence the importance of knowing his audience in order to adapt his shipments.
  • This type of format can sometimes weigh heavily in a mailbox, and therefore take time to load. A point that will quickly discourage your recipients from reading the message.
  • A GIF that is not really related to the subject of the email can annoy more than anything else.

The importance of using animated GIFs in your emailing campaign


To remove all benefits from using animated GIFs in your emailing campaign, the first point is to know your Personas on the fingertips, namely who is your audience, to address him in the right way.

The second thing to do is determine the image you want to give from your brand, as well as the message you want to pass. If you usually use with your audience a quite informal and friendly tone, for example, the animated GIF will be quite adequate. Indeed, it will be used to your “voice” and therefore receptive to this type of formats.

Finally, go ahead. Start by inserting here and there a few GIFs, then analyze the reaction of the public. Do not forget to test several formulas to see the one that hangs the most to your audience. Once you have done that, you will be able to set up a more accurate and effective strategy.

Ladies, unusual, surprising, sometimes even captivating, the GIFs have definitely this little something that can delight your subscribers, make them want to read your emails and even interact. However, their positive impact as negative, depends on the public as well as the way they are used, and they can constitute excellent marketing tools for brands that know how to use it.