One might think that it is a detail, yet it is of major importance in a campaign. Specialists know it, the object of the email is a crucial element that needs to be treated with all the necessary attention. Why ? How? Or What ? This article reveals the underside of this great little detail.

Why look at your email object?

When the person opens his mailbox to consult his mails, the two main elements that appear are the sender and the object. Although the first plays a certain role, the second is equally important because it is he who will make the recipient want to open his message or not. This is all the more valid in case the person does not know the sender and can then be more suspicious.

5 tips to create an eye-catching email object

1# Choose the right object length

There is no perfect number regarding the length of an email object. On the other hand, it is clear that writing a novel is very not advised. If it is too long, the object will not be visible in its entirety and may arouse mistrust or lassitude. You must be brief, concise and clear, go straight to the goal. On average, count 6 to 8 words maximum, and 25 to 40 characters.

Also remember to check the number of characters that may appear in the recipient’s mailbox (this changes from one box to another). This will allow you to better target the space you have, and therefore better adapt the choice of your object line.

Remember that the object space is reduced on mobile phones, so it will also be necessary to adapt your object according to this criterion.

2# Use the right words: Station at Spam Words

Some words are taboo, or in any case are likely to land in the category spam. It is good to know these words.

Here are some examples: invoice, gift, urgent, help me, paypal transfer, visa, 100% free, lowest interest rate, buy, increase sales, etc.

Let’s be clear, it is not a question of never using them, but rather to limit their use, to vary the words chosen according to the different emails, and to place them subtle.

If you have keywords, try as much as possible to place them at the beginning of the object.

3# talk human rather than robot

The person who will open your email is a human being, and we are in 2022. The impersonal and robotic language no longer has its place in the emailing: welcome into the era of customization! To write your object, you must take into account the person to whom the email is intended, give him as much as possible the impression that the message is for it only to it and not to a list of unknown.

The more you have information about your contacts, the more material you will have to personalize your objects (age, shopping habits, interests, etc.). If you do not have much data, in this case, place at least the name of the person, with a “you” or “your” to give him that feeling of exclusivity.

4# Play on the palette of emotions

What is the first emotion you want to generate at the recipient? Envy, urgency, curiosity, surprise, etc. The range is wide and thus leaves you something to do with the subject of your email, as the type of targeted audience.

For the recipient to want to open your email, it is important to know what emotion you want to play and how to play. The hardest thing being to find the right balance between an object that is explicit, but which also wants to click to know more.

5# Do not forget to test

Last trick, and not least: A/B testing. It is essential and must not be neglected because it will not only allow you to compare several objects, but also to know what is the most powerful and why. This tool is extremely useful for sharpening and optimizing your mail object.

Bonus Tips

  • Yes, you can quite use the emojis in your email objects, it can even be very effective, but do it sparingly. This is not a text message sent from friend to friend.
  • Avoid placing in your uppercase email object, special characters and intensive punctuations (???, !!!!, etc.).

If we recap: The object is a key factor participating directly at opening rate. It is he who makes the recipient choosing to open his email rather than deleting it, placing it in unwanted, or worse, in spam. It must differentiate, envision, create curiosity, but also trust. Any program that finally is not so complicated once the good practices applied. Finally, remember that the email object will also play on your sender score and therefore on your delivery rate. Another good reason to apply you and spend time.