Collect email addresses, yes, but in the right way. Developing a healthy distribution list cannot be improvised. How to collect a maximum of contacts without infringing the privacy of your target audience? Here are several ways of doing things that have proven themselves, both effective, non-invasive and lawful, to enrich your precious list.

Why is the way to collect email addresses so important?

The way you collect your email addresses is important since it is the first step in the relationship you want to establish with your prospects, possibly your future customers. It is therefore essential to start on the right foot and to avoid certain choices which, despite their apparent ease, would risk compromising this future relationship from the start.

The basic rule for collecting your email addresses? obtain the consent from the people concerned. In other words, always make sure that they have agreed to communicate their address to you. Otherwise, you risk the discontent of recipients, spam and prejudice your brand image. Worse, sending emails without having previously obtained the consent of people is considered illegal.

Do not buy or rent lists

Although it is not forbidden to buy or rent diffusion lists and despite the attractive side (translating “very practical”) of the thing, it is a particularly risky bet. Failure to comply with the GDPR instructions, lack of reliability, very low rate of deliverability and engagement, etc. There are many drawbacks. It is better to take more time to build a healthy list than to go through this path which, although faster, will ultimately not win much, in any case not in the long term.

Our tips for a better way to collect email addresses

Best ways to collect email addresses

Double opt-in

Setting up the double opt-in allows you not only to obtain the consent of the person, but also to ensure that the addresses communicated are valid since confirmed beforehand.

Online registration forms on your website

The implementation of integrated registration forms on your site is an easy and effective way to collect email addresses for your visitors. Do not forget to put a box that the person must check to show that he accepts the collection of his address. Another check box can also allow him to accept, for example, to receive your newsletters. The form may also give way for other information that can you are useful. Make sure it is simple, clearly visible on your page, and don’t forget to include a CTA to encourage people to fill it.

Contest games and discounts: incentive and exchange

To hire Internet users, online contests are a great tip. Thus, to participate and perhaps have a chance to win a gift, visitors must register by indicating their email address. Here again, the person always enjoys his free will despite the very incentive side of the process.

In addition to the gift as part of a contest, you can also use the incitement by offering, for example, to visitors to benefit from a reduction code, a special offer or free delivery in exchange for their registration.

Social networks

Social networks are now essential for any brand wishing to have a minimum of visibility. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, present great opportunities to reach the widest possible audience. Also, it is essential to think of placing a visible registration link on them so that the people who follow you can communicate their email address if they wish.

YouTube is not strictly speaking a social media, but also offers excellent opportunities to collect addresses. You can thus include registration links directly in the videos and/or in the descriptions below.

Pop-up windows

Using a “pop-up window”, or a contextual window, is another way to collect email addresses. However, to be effective, it must be optimized, personalized and targeted, well-placed on your page, and appear at the right time. Do tests beforehand to see those that work best. To encourage the reader to click on it and transmit his information, offer him a free reduction or offer, for example.

The solutions are multiple to collect email addresses in the right way. The whole thing is to remain in legality and respect for your audience. Think in the long term, seek to build healthy and reliable lists, even if it takes you more time and reflection, you will come out of it.