If it is properly used, emailing turns out to be a great tool to conquer new customers, but not only. The latter is also very effective at retaining these same customers, keep them, and thus develop your business. Why ? Because it creates a direct link with them, allowing you to communicate together and therefore to maintain your relationship. Here are some tips for using emailing in the customer loyalty process.

Double opt-in: a base for customer loyalty by emailing

For this subject on customer loyalty by emailing, we will leave here on people already registered via for example the proposed form on your site, so recipients who allow you to send them emails. For this, the best is to set up a double opt-in, that is, a step allowing the contact to confirm his registration, to agree to receive your messages.

Treat the first contact

When you arrive in a place, the welcome is essential, just like the first impression. The same goes for the first message sent. When your prospect or customer fits and you have his main contact information (civility, name, first name and email address), start by sending a personalized welcome message to thank him for his loyalty. This same email can also be accompanied by a promotional offer, for example.

Your welcome message must be simple, clear and short. It must reflect the image you want to give from your business. Know that it will strongly influence the Opening rate of upcoming emails than you send, So compose it carefully.

Now that you have done this first contact with your client, the idea is to keep it, to maintain it.

Set the sending frequency

To maintain this customer relationship, you must find the right balance regarding the frequency of sending emails. These must arrive at the appropriate time, reminiscent of the contact that you are present and maintain the interaction, without constant overwhelmingly overwhelming messages that can get tired quickly. In clear: neither too much nor not enough!

You must therefore define this frequency of sending beforehand. It can be regular, punctual or exceptional. It can for example be a particular time of the year, a birthday date, a particular promotion, the arrival of a new product or service, of a fixed moment so strategic, etc.

The relevance of the message

Now place the content of your email! This must be relevant, attractive and simple, but especially personalized depending on the customer or targeted group; Hence the importance of segmentation work done upstream.

What you send should interest the recipient, talk to him directly. For example, it may be informative content, advice, exclusive offers to reward them for their loyalty, a newsletter, a press release, a follow-up questionnaire to obtain a return if the One of your products / services, etc. Your emails must present a real added value for the customer, because it will strongly impact their loyalty.

To increase the interaction with your customers, do not forget to place Call-to-Action buttons in your email.

Automation marketing

Once you have set the frequency and content type for each contact, you can program the automatic sending of your emails (marketing automation), using custom fields and always adapt the content.

Take a precise tracking

Loyalty emailing must be accompanied by a follow-up in terms of deliverability. It is indeed important to Measure the performance of your shipments, as the opening rate, the rate Click as well as the conversion rate. You will be able to sharpen your eMailing loyalty strategy and boost the performance of your campaigns.

Regarding the recipients who no longer open your emails, do not hesitate to revive them by customizing the message and offering them, if they wish, to unsubscribe. It’s a good way to remind them that you are always there, but also to leave them the choice to continue to follow you or not. A positive point for the image of your business in terms of quality and respect of the customer, allowing the same occasion to clean your data.