Emailing is a great marketing tool when used properly. The quality of your mailing lists and your content is critical to achieving your target, keep a good rate of deliverability and ensure that your business is placed on blacklist. Here we explain how to make sure not to land on these famous lists, ranging from a minor annoyance to a serious problem.

What is a black list of emails?

Blacklist email is a real-time list, including domain names and email addresses identified as being unwanted, harmful. These blacklists are used by email providers and Internet service providers (ISPs) to prevent spam from entering their systems.

If your business is found on a blacklist, it means that your content will be automatically blocked and your emails will therefore not arrive in the inbox of your recipients. This is not only bad for your marketing campaign, but also for your reputation and your ROI.

What are the elements that can make you end up blacklisted?

Several factors can cause a company to be on a blacklist of email. It can for example be of complaints due to too many emails sent, an email content considered risky by ISPs, or from poorly managed mailing lists (for spam traps, negligence on requests churn, etc.).

What strategies to avoid finding on a black list of emails?

Propose double opt-in subscribers

This option is to make a Verification in two steps of information provided by people agreeing to appear on your mailing list. These will therefore register, then receive an email containing a link on which they must click to confirm their registration. Thus, you are sure to get a legal agreement from your subscribers before including them in your email campaigns. This also allows you to get quality prospects and optimize the delivery of your shipments.

Always include an unsubscribe link

It is imperative to leave in each of your messages a clear and visible link, allowing anyone to unsubscribe from your emails if she wishes. It is not only mandatory under the anti-spam laws, but it also allows showing white paw to your subscribers and to send messages only to interested persons.

Refine the content of emails sent

The content of your message is paramount for recipients as for ISPs who, depending on some keywords, can consider as spam. Optimize what you integrate into your email, avoid too generic messages and customize maximum. The content concerns both the text and the layout, the images that the buttons, etc. It must be rewarding, striking, targeted, bringing a real value to your subscribers to maintain their interest and maintain their commitment.

To send the right email to the right people, the best is to segment your lists in order to have more specific targeting and therefore to be able to adapt your message more easily to its recipients.

Keep healthy mailing lists

It is important to check and clean your mailing lists regularly in order to maintain a good deliverability, avoid Spam traps and not be placed on a blacklist.

Keep the good health of your mailing lists includes their regular update, including sending re-engagement emails to subscribers that do not seem to react for some time to your messages, but also the removal of the bounces. Also remember to check the spelling of the email addresses of your list to avoid sending messages to invalid addresses. The double opt-in is very useful for that.

Finally, we will never say enough: do not buy broadcast lists. Prefer time to build a qualitative list with active and healthy addresses.

My business is on blacklist: what to do?

First, know that it is annoying, certainly, but not necessarily dramatic. There are a very large number of black lists around the world and your IP address may be on one of them.

Tools to check:

Start by seeing if you are on a small blacklist or on a larger blacklist. In the first case, there is a good chance that your address alone disappears from the list after a while, without much impacting your shipments. In the second case, the negative impact on the delivering your emails and on the image of your business risk to be a lot more important. In this case, contact the company that manages the blacklist you find yourself, to understand why you have been placed on and know how to do it.

In any case, if you end up on a blacklist, it’s probably that you have to review one or more items in your email marketing. It is essential to take the time to analyze in detail the elements that have made you have been placed (content, addresses, send frequencies, etc.) in order to rework them so that it happens more.