Because current consumers mainly have their phone always at hand, SMS marketing has become essential. The high engagement rate, the increase in brand awareness and sales are among the many advantages of this communication channel which continues to expand. What types of opportunities to use it? Here are some examples of situations perfectly suited to this format.

1# for a welcome message

sms welcome
Professional SMS is an excellent tool to welcome a new subscriber and to thank him at the same time for his registration. A way to welcome newcomers, to show them that they are important to you, and to start in a good note. At the same time, it confirms to the recipient that its registration is effective.

Many brands accompany this message with a small welcome gesture, such as a reduction code, a product offered on presentation of SMS, etc.

2# for a date reminder

sms validation
By its concise and precise format, professional SMS is perfect for reminding a special date to the recipient. It can be an event in which he is invited without having confirmed his presence, or an event in which he participates, such as a product release, a launch party, a show, a reminder of the appointment, etc.

3# for an order confirmation

sms confirmation
Customers always appreciate receiving precise and updated information about a placed order, directly on their phone, rather than going to search their reception box.

Confirmation of payment or reservation, shipping date, delivery condition if it is a package, invoices, etc. Essential elements that will reassure the recipient of the message, while giving the image of a confidence brand that accompanies its step-by-step customers.

4# to announce sales and seasonal promotions

sms ad
Another very promising example. Large periods of sales or promotions related to the time of year are ideal for launching a marketing operation by SMS. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Fathers, summer holidays, etc. There are many opportunities to announce discounts on products/services.

A mass campaign with the right targeting will generally offer excellent spin-offs.

5# to offer a special and personalized offer

sms birthday
We will never say it enough: personalization is essential. Show your customers that they are important to you by sending them an SMS for a special occasion, for example their birthday. It can be a gift, an invitation or a reduction of which they are the only ones who can benefit from. Do not hesitate to build your message by creating a feeling of emergency and exclusivity at the customer.

This type of SMS shipment increases the satisfaction of the person with regard to the brand, to retain them and usually get a high conversion rate.

6# to investigate customer satisfaction

sms survey
Professional SMS is a good way to collect your customers’ opinions and suggestions in the face of your brand. They allow you to exchange more user-friendly and easier with them, to show that you are concerned about the well-being of your audience. In your message, use concise questions, to which recipients can for example answer with a simple “yes” or “no“.

SMS marketing is an extremely promising tool that is not made to replace other strategies such as emailing for example, but rather in the idea of strengthening them by using them together. In order to ensure your campaign the maximum success, make sure you always apply good practices by obtaining the permission of the recipient beforehand, by creating a brief and relevant message, by personalizing it, and always leaving a possibility to unsubscribe.



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