Technology evolves every day, as well as public preferences. One thing is safe, it is today the prime customization. In a context where marketing tools are more and more numerous and sharp, email and SMS marketing are, each in their own way, fascinating to use. Wondering which one of the two use for maximum impact, or what is the best support for your campaign? We propose you to explore the benefits of one and the other to better answer this question.

The main advantages of email marketing


An email marketing campaign offers infinite customization possibilities, more than with the SMS where the number of characters is limited. This is a particularly dynamic support for creating more complete content, better returning into detail, including attachments, images, videos, forms, graphics, etc. In addition, the fact of being able to include different types of elements, including text and visuals, makes it possible to fully embody the message, the values and voice of the brand that communicates.

The cost

Email Marketing is a marketing strategy that remains very affordable while offering an excellent king. It remains the most effective channel at the moment concerning the return on investment.

The audience specifies

The email is aimed at a targeted audience, too carefully consisting groups and grouped according to specific criteria (demographics, activities, profession, etc.).

The interaction with the target audience

If the contacts in your list have left you their email address, it is because, in most cases, they are already interested in your brand and your communications. A link is already there and only wants to be developed by sending the right messages at the right time. In addition, if the content works, the person will tend to quickly click to access a product, promotion, a blog article, etc.

Automation potential

Email Marketing offers a host of options in terms of automation, thus saving time as money.

The main disadvantages of email marketing are the risks of being in the recipient spam file, as well as the need to differentiate the maximum of competition because the number of marketing emails sent every day is colossal.

The main advantages of the SMS marketing

The speed of format and reading

The SMS marketing is concise and direct. It goes straight to the information to be communicated, without clutching frills. It has more chances to be read by the recipients, because it will only take a few seconds.

The opening and engagement rate

Both are extremely high with SMS marketing, much more than with email. Recipients instantly get the SMS and usually open it very quickly, because most people always have their mobile on them. Communication is immediate and easier interaction. In addition, the fact that the SMS is short generates more clicks on the transmitted link. Finally, users are more likely to answer an SMS than an email.

NOT Need internet connection

The sending of SMS does not require any internet connection, unlike emailing. Which means that you can reach a wider audience, also including people on the move.

The main constraint of the SMS marketing is the fact that it is limited at the content level, especially the number of characters, but it seems that it also makes its strength.

When to use marketing email?

Marketing email is rather adapted to messages with some content and communications that do not require urgency. Due to its high degree of personalization and the wide range of creative possible it offers is a very effective way to promote several products at a time, to communicate information and news on your brand. It is also appropriate for tracking payment, ordering or delivery because it is secure and traceable.

Your email marketing must always be relevant and the most personalized possible. If so, it would strongly risk landing in the trash, not being open or worse, to be placed in spam.

When to use the SMS marketing?

The SMS marketing is rather advised for urgent messages, due to the speed of sending and reading it offers, but also of its limited size. It therefore always has a temporality report.

It can be used to promote a particular product, to communicate on a special discount or personalized offer, to interact directly with customers (question, problem, superior service offer, reviews, etc.), for an event reminder, to confirm an appointment, reservation or other.

Your SMS marketing must be at once brief, clear and creative.

So, email or SMS marketing?

Finally, these two communication tools complement each other more than they oppose. It would be difficult to say that one is better than the other, in the sense where everyone has its strengths, its weak points, and is used in different situations. It will also depend on goals and budget. They can also, in some cases, be both simultaneously included for an even more effective strategy. As part of an event, for example, you can send a newsletter to announce something, then send a reminder SMS later to the participants later.



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