In marketing, automation has a huge advantage since it allows you to program and follow the course of a task using dedicated software. Regarding emails, it saves significant time and money. Let’s see together what are the best email automation techniques for this year 2023.

The advantages of email automation

Instead of manually responding to each email received and using the time as well as the talent of several people to do so, the best is to opt for automation. In this way, the answer to emails in question, as well as any other tedious task, is made by software designed for this purpose.

In addition to offering precise monitoring and better control of workflows, automation is faster, more efficient, and avoids waste human talents. Among the most frequently sent automated emails, we will cite those who follow a new subscription, online registration, those that allow you to wish the anniversary of a subscriber, etc.

Automation is a real strength of which it would be a shame to deprive oneself in the context of an emailing marketing campaign. It not only allows you to plan this same campaign by programming shipments, but also to personalize them and segment the various recipients.

Five best automated emails that we advise you to use

Each automation process meets a specific objective, it adapting to the subscribers concerned. The idea is to create a solid link with them as you go.
Here are the main email automation to use:

1) Welcome automated emails

email grammarly
When new users register for your distribution list, it is essential to welcome them as it should. Welcome them, thank them for registering, show them that this registration is important for you. Ask them what their motivations are, what they are looking for in your home. You can also present your brand to them, your products/services, but also send, as a guarantee of gratitude, value content or a particular offer.

In short, these new subscribers must feel valued, pampered, and estimate that they have made the right choice by communicating their email address to you. Remember to personalize your object lines, the impact will only be greater. Be careful, however, to choose your welcome email and send only one so as not to invade your contacts from the start.

2) Automated thank you emails

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Have your subscribers participated in one of your events, downloaded content, bought one of your products or services? Make it create personalized emails to thank them. This allows you to keep the link with them, to show that you do not forget them and that you recognize their value.

3) Transactional automated emails

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These allow you to offer your subscribers total visibility on their actions. What a purchase was made, when it is delivered (if necessary), the detailed invoice, and any other useful information. In this way, you keep contact with them even when the transaction is made. It’s also a great way to gain their confidence. Here, don’t forget to thank them for the purchase made.

4) Automated emails when the basket is abandoned

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It very often happens that Internet users are starting to fill their basket for an online purchase, so that they do not go after the transaction. In this kind of situation, you can completely program an automatic email to remind the person that their basket is pending. It will then have plenty of time to finalize the purchase or not. If you are afraid of annoying your recipients with an ordinary “your basket awaits you”, do not hesitate to be creative!

There are many customers who have not necessarily changed their minds, but who have simply forgotten the basket in question. This technique can therefore avoid losing many sales opportunities.

5) Automated re-engagement emails

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Collecting contacts in a list is one thing, keeping them is another. Commitment is a key point for email marketing specialists. They must therefore do everything to promote the retention of subscribers, to keep them satisfied and to ensure that they continue to follow the brand, to interact with it and to buy its products or services.

In order to avoid an overly high unsubscription rate, it is important to keep your updated diffusion lists and clean them when necessary. But before deleting inactive contacts, we advise you to program an automatic re-engagement email. For this, you can for example send an exclusive offer, ask your subscribers directly if they wish to unsubscribe while reminding them of the advantages that you offer them, invite them to make you improvement suggestions, etc.

The Automated Email re-engagement must absolutely be personalized, but also concise and capture the attention of the recipient, make him want to read and act.

Email automation is useful on several levels. It relieves your marketing teams with a heavy work, these can focus on other tasks. It is also a great way to personalize your shipments, maintain the link you have with your subscribers and retain them.


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