We were talking to you a few weeks ago about SMS Marketing and its many advantages for the company that adds it to its communication channels. But in order to ensure its effectiveness, one of the main conditions is, as for emailing, to rely on an up-to-date customer file. Why ? How ? We answer these questions in this article.

Why is it essential to have an update contact list?

The success of an SMS Marketing campaign is based on several factors, including the quality of your contact list. If it is not maintained and healthy, it not only causes a waste of time, but also a waste of money, while distorting the statistics carried out afterwards. In addition, a clean customer file will also save you from sending messages to people who do not want or more receive your communications, thus reducing the risk of poor reputation and spam.

Cleaning your customer file regularly is a great way to optimize your marketing campaigns by SMS, and get the best possible return on investment. Once your list is clean, you can easily create coherent groups based on useful criteria (sex, age, interest centers, etc.) in order to send an adapted and personalized SMS to each segment.

How to keep your customer file up to date?

Always have an organized file

The more clear and ordered your customer file, the more optimized your shipment. Be sure to clearly display the contact name and your phone number, you can also, if you have, add additional information, for example a date of birth, a first name, etc.

Regularly sort through your list

A list of contacts evolves over time. So remember to clean it regularly by deleting duplicates, non -valid or incomplete numbers, fixed numbers. To do this, It will soon be possible to go through Captain Verify to perform a Verification and cleaning of your mobile data.

Sorting must be done before launching the campaign and also afterwards, when you start being able to establish statistics, because then you will have visibility on the numbers that have not worked and on the recipients no longer wishing to receive your SMS. By doing this over the countryside, you will get an increasingly clean, precise and efficient file.

As a reminder, be sure to differentiate customers and prospects well because they are two different categories and SMS will vary according to one or the other.

Enrich your file with new contacts

It is not a question of content only with acquired contacts, but also to enrich your file by adding new ones. To recover these new contacts, it is essential to always obtain the explicit consent of people beforehand. Be sure to include in your SMS the “stop” leaving the recipient’s option to signify its refusal.

As for emailing, avoid lists purchased or rented at all costs. Take the time to build your list with your prospects. This certainly requires a little more effort, but it will be more paid and simpler and then keep the quality of the said list, while avoiding passing for spam.

What is the black list for Marketing SMS?

To prevent contact from receiving any SMS communication, your phone number is not necessarily deleted, but rather placed on a blacklist or unsubscribe list. It can be put on it because it expressed the wish not to receive SMS from you (stop) or because you yourself added it to this list (by import or by manual addition) for x reason.

As part of a Marketing campaign by SMS, regular quality control of your customer file Count as much as the strategy, because it too will strongly influence the success of your operation.



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