After the email validation improves inbox placement, we stay here in the theme, but this time approaching in more detail the services which precisely offer to do so. If the treatment of addresses and their validity is essential, it is not easy to do manually. It is better to leave this task to experts. Discover in this article why and how to choose the right validation tool for your contact lists.

The main reasons why an email address is not valid

Apart from the simple typo, several reasons may explain the fact that an email address is not or more valid:

  • The recipient’s messaging provider is broken.
  • The recipient has changed internet access providers.
  • The recipient has changed post.
  • The recipient has changed business.
  • The recipient’s domain name is no longer valid, because it has been changed or because the company has closed.

emails validation service

Why call on an email validation platform?

To deal with these invalid addresses problems, the best is to use an email validation service: Captain Verify. Indeed, you launch in manual verification would take too much time and may not be 100% reliable. Captain Verify, the platform specializing in the validation of emails, will offer you a meticulous examination of each address on your broadcast list, precisely targeting what are valid and non -valid contacts. This is the best way to keep a clean and up-to-date list, so send communications that are likely to reach the right reception box. At the same time, they offer a precious saving of time and money.

The advantages of an email validation tool:

  • Reduction of the rebound rate;
  • Reduction of the risk of complaints for spam;
  • Reduction of the risk of placement on black list;
  • Improvement of your reputation as a sender;
  • Increase in deliverability, openness and commitment rates;
  • Increased visibility on your distribution list and on its cleanliness.

Email validation service: how does it work?

When you send your distribution list to the email validation service, the latter will perform different tests on each address in order to assess their validity. Although the way of doing things can differ from one platform to another, tests generally include at least the verification of syntax, domain and ping. In the event of an address deemed invalid, you are notified, and you can delete it.

The essential criteria for good email validation service

There is a very wide choice of email validation platforms on the market. How then to choose the right service according to your needs?

The first thing to do is to opt for a tool allowing both to examine individual addresses and group contact lists. The tool used must be able to analyze a single email address as well as a large list containing millions of contacts. In this second case, simply download the list so that it is then checked, cleaned and then validated.

The second criterion to take into account is the adaptability of the selected validation service. This must be able to adjust to corporate emails as well as personal emails, validate both the sending and recipient addresses in order to maximize your chances of reaching the desired targets.

Choosing to use a reliable email validation service and efficient is the best way to have valid addresses, so send messages that will arrive without incident in the inbox. A must to ensure the success of your marketing campaign while protecting your reputation as a sender.



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