Have you refined and tested your emails? Are you ready to send them? Not so quickly, there is still a crucial task to be forgotten, namely to validate the targeted addresses. Indeed, without this verification, their arrival safely, so in the reception box of your recipients, is not guaranteed. Here are the 4 essential steps to improve your inbox placement.

Why is it so important to validate email addresses before sending?

Email validation is the most effective way to make sure you have quality data. It allows in particular several important things:

It involves switching everything to a fine comb: the accessibility of addresses, their validity, their spelling, their formatting, any faults (involuntary or voluntary), the reputation of the associated domain.

Thus, validating your emails before sending them is a great way to improve your delivery, opening and conversion rate, but also to protect your reputation as a sender. This will also prevent you from wasting time and money from sending emails to people who do not wish to receive your communications, or to addresses that do not work.

email validation improves inbox placement

The 4 essential steps to reach the reception box of your recipients

1# Delete Invalid addresses

Good delivrability of emails undoubtedly involves valid email addresses. If your list is full of incorrect data, the rebound rate may be felt. To clean all of this, use a platform to automatically and quickly make validation of all imported contacts. Results ? You will get a clean list, made up of valid addresses, and you can focus on the quality of the content sent.

2# Remove spam traps

Another danger that lurks in your contact list: spam traps. These are false email addresses which, although they seem completely normal, aim to serve as a trap for spammers. SPAM Traps may land your emails in the “spam” folder and very strongly harm your reputation as a sender. Using an email verification service will allow you to spot spamtraps and remove them from your address list.

3# Remove addresses considered “spam”

It very often happens that a list includes addresses whose owners have once or another marked you as “spam”. Continue sending messages to these contacts can make major damage; It is therefore important to remove them from your list to avoid annoying consequences. The ISPs carefully monitor your reputation as a sender. A high complaint or rebound rate will necessarily draw their attention. A good validation service will therefore allow you to detect this type of address and automatically remove them from your list.

4# Remove addresses too general

Emails starting with contact@ or service@ for example, are rarely effective in terms of opening. These are general addresses, boxes of catch-all reception in which your message is likely to get lost. If you want to reach your targets, prefer precise addresses with the recipient’s name and/or first name.

Following these 4 essential steps before each shipment will largely help you reach the reception box of your contacts and improve the results of your marketing campaign. To help you validate your emails, Captain Verify is the best platform in terms of features and efficiency.



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