Whatever the quality of your newsletters, you will always have a certain rate of unsubscribe to mailing lists, there is nothing to do against that. On the other hand, you can maintain this rate to its minimum and keep the maximum of your subscribers. To keep the right balance and use unsubscribe as a lever, you are explained in this article what are the main reasons for these unsubscribers and how to avoid them or transform them into forces.

Three main reasons why people are unsubscribe from your emails

Your readers can unsubscribe for different reasons. Here are the ones that come back most often and the solutions that come to you:

1# Too frequent newsletters

Receiving too many emails is the main reason why people are unsubscribed by some communications. It often happens that subscribers feel overwhelmed by the amount of emails received by you, but also by countless other senders. Keep in mind that if they registered with your emails, it is probably the goal of receiving interesting content from time to time / or promotional offers, not to feel harassed with messages.

Opt for a reasonable sending frequency and adapted to your subscribers, and then look if the unsubscribe rate drops once it’s done.

2# Content not relevant enough

If your content is not customized according to the preferences of your readers, they are strongly likely to lose the interest they had in writing and therefore to unsubscribe by saying that your communications do not match them. This can also happen in case of dispatch of too repetitive content.

To interest your subscribers and especially maintain their interest, you must be able to offer them consistent and personalized content according to each person and position in the customer path. We come back to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Your content must bring them something. It must be interesting, useful, even educational and inspiring. It must also be clear and concise. Quality is as important as customization to keep your subscribers. You must know them, know how and what to talk to them. For this, take the time before segment your audience according to her preferences and interests parallel about your campaign.

3# A neglected design

The content is primordial, certainly, but the design is just as much. Yes, we live in a society where the visual is crucial. Thus, you can create the most interesting and relevant content that is, it will have much less likely to be read if the design is sloppy.

The first thing the eye sees, so the design of your email, will give a first impression: it is better to be good if you do not want to lose your precious subscribers. Takele the visual appearance of your email, make it nice to read and attractive, both professional and accessible, while being adapted to the message as to the readers. Find the right balance between text and image, think in the format so that it can be read on a computer, only on a tablet or phone.

See the positive in the unsubscribed

Any emailing campaign presents a rate of unsubscribe, this is part of the game. In addition, these unsubscriptions are not necessarily negative. Here are some positive points:

  • Yes you lose subscribers, but it also allows you to clean your list to leave that the contacts really interested, even committed, thus leading to a better deliverability of messages.
  • A reader who unsusight is not necessarily a lost customer. This means that your emails do not interest it anymore, but it does not necessarily prevent it from appreciating your brand and continue to want your products / services.
  • Frequency, Content, Design, Customization: Unsubscribe is a good way to improve yourself by creating ever-efficient and neat emails. Do tests, analyze each campaign, ask for the notice of subscribers via forms, etc. You will be able to know what works and what creates unsubscription, to better optimize your campaign.

In case of unsubscribe, you can always offer alternatives to readers, like to be contacted through other channels (social networks or SMS), or offer them to choose themselves the frequency of sending that corresponds to them.

Last detail and not least: Do not forget to always leave the possibility to your readers to unsubscribe easily by inserting a link into the email, in order to stay in accordance with the law, but also to keep the image of a respectful and serious business.