The generation of leads is a process aimed at attracting visitors and prospects interested in your business and its products/services, in order to convert them to customers. An increasingly used strategy by companies because of its many advantages. Discover in this article 5 tools allowing to effectively generate leads.

Why use lead generation software?

In a world where competition is raging and everything is transformed every day, it can be difficult for companies to identify the right prospects and interact with them. Leads generation software facilitates this task, it offers serious time, resources and labor to sales teams as well as marketing teams.

Leads generation software in inbound marketing is an invaluable asset that does not just find customers, but offering tools to find those who are interesting for the company, or identify your target audience and attract them to your offer. Thus, your teams can focus on prospects with real potential in terms of purchase rather than cold prospects, and create a solid customer base.

Among its main advantages, lead generation software allows a company:

  • To generate more leads;
  • To interact with its customers in a more fluid and personal way;
  • To better understand the customer and his journey;
  • Increase your notoriety;
  • To attract qualified prospects;
  • To collect data on users to analyze it and improve its strategy;
  • To make more sales.

All this in an organic way, without rushing or forcing prospects.

The key elements for good lead generation software

To be effective and meet your needs, Lead generation software must bring together several important points:

Be intuitive
It must be easy to use so that all members of your business can use it without having to go through a training.

Be evolving
He must be able to adapt to meet your current needs as well as your future needs, therefore evolve at the same pace as your business.

Be diversified
It must include several features.

Be accessible
It must be able to be used by the teams, regardless of where they are.

Be analytical
It must allow you to access the data collected and analyze it in order to assess the performance carried out by the teams, to see what are the things to improve, to better understand your targets and their motivations.

5 powerful lead generation tools

5 Excellent lead generation tools

1# Unbounce

Simple to use and particularly flexible, Unbounce includes many practical tools. This software offers in particular a forms generator, allows you to quickly and easily create campaigns, personalized landing pages, manage referencing and carry out reports as well as analyzes.

Cost: from $90/month (free 14 day trial)

2# HubSpot

This excellent lead generation software is particularly useful for growth phase teams. It offers possibilities for managing prospects, contacts and campaigns. Among its many features, there are, for example, performance indicators, prospecting tools, integration of video content on social networks, automation and email monitoring, pipeline management, creation of automated monitoring tasks, as well as a free CRM tool.

Cost: from $41/month

3# OptinMonster

This platform is particularly suitable for small businesses, marketing agencies, bloggers, as well as e-commerce sites wishing to generate leads.
In particular, it includes a wide choice of forms for the capture of leads, as well as various prospecting tools. It offers several A/B test possibilities, a precise targeting and segmentation by page, an advanced redirection of traffic, as well as the analysis of the data collected. Optinmonster also allows the integration of emails.

Cost: from $9/month

4# Moosend

Moosend is a platform that is not only confined to email marketing, but which helps marketing specialists to generate leads through landing pages and subscription forms. Simple, effective, it offers advanced segmentation options to send each user the content that interests them. Its features are numerous, with in particular the design of personalized email campaigns (many newsletters models are made available), automation of the sending process, various tools to attract prospects and the management of your lists of Subscribers.

Cost: from $9/month (30 day free trial)

5# HotJar

The primary goal of Hotjar is not the generation of Lead, but rather the optimization of the conversion rate. This platform can however be very useful, because it offers a advanced examination of users who visit a site, especially what they like and what they like less. His data and analyzes are a significant force for generating leads. It will help improve the conversion rate and increase sales. It is intuitive and offers a free plan with some essential tools.

Among the features proposed on Hotjar, there is in particular the analysis of the conversion funnel, the analysis of forms, surveys and feedback inquiries, as well as usability tests.

Cost: from $32/month (free plan available)



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