With the growing number of spam and unwanted mails of all kinds, more and more visitors are saving their personal email address using single-use email, a bit likewise a digital trash can. A practical system for them, but far from being arranged for the professionals of emailing. Find out how these temporary addresses work and why they can hard impact your marketing campaigns.

What is a disposable email, and how does it work?

A disposable email is an email address for use temporarily, this is what differentiates it from the traditional email address like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. This type of account is therefore limited in time and will either expire automatically or be manually deleted by its user if he no longer uses it. For example, it may be used in the case of persons to provide an email address in a registration form, and not wishing to give their own account. This allows these users to limit the number of unwanted letters received.

There are several sites for creating a temporary email address in a free and simple way, such as Yopmail, disposable.org, emailondeck, mailinator, tempmail, or 10minutes. The validity period of the address as well as the proposed options vary from one to the other.

There are three types of temporary email addresses:

  1. The email address offering a temporary inbox, with messages that will be deleted at the same time as the account.
  2. The “transfer” email address that, for the available time, will directly transmit messages received to another indicated address so that the person can read them.
  3. The email address “alias” that allows you to create and then delete aliases attached to the main email address of the user. Gmail and Yahoo in particular, allow you to set up this type of address.

The disposable email address is particularly useful for users because it not only makes it possible to significantly reduce the reception of spam in their main messaging box, but it also avoids them to find themselves on spam lists, with result. An avalanche of fraudulent emails to clean thoroughly. The observation is, on the other hand, much less positive on the marketing side of the force.

Why the disposable email is feared by email marketing experts?

As part of an email campaign, the temporary emails are a real scourge that can significantly ruin the efficiency and results of the operation launched. Clearly: disposable emails are not good for business and can lead to several unfortunate situations.

  • A sudden increase in the number of disposable emails in your contact list can mean that your customers and subscribers are wary, that they have less confidence in your business, in what it offers, and / or in the way which you manage their personal information.
  • In the case of a free service proposal or an exceptional reduction, the disposable email address can allow one and the same person to enjoy the offer in question many times, so abuse. This will eventually impact your conversion rate (real customer, potential client)
  • Although there are always a number of people choosing to unsubscribe from your communications, having in your list a high rate of disposable addresses may not only increase the percentage of unsubscription, but Also distort the numbers.
  • Temporary addresses will also influence your campaign results by making them inaccurate. Even if the message is delivered, it does not mean that it landed in a box where it will be read by the recipient.
  • If the number of shipments to anonymous addresses is too important, this could affect your reputation as sender, or even ensure that your courier provider puts you on black list.

Know that it is sometimes possible to locate the disposable email addresses directly when they do not look like a conventional address. However, depending on the size of your list, browse it yourself, address by address, may take a lot of time and energy.

Fortunately, with CaptainVerify, we can help you spot temporary email addresses and allow you to keep healthy lists. Anyway, the best thing to do to avoid multiplying shipments on disposable addresses is to win and maintain the confidence of your contacts, to check the addresses along their collection, and, again, from keep clear broadcast lists.