In recent years, the number of disposable email addresses has steadily increased. An increasingly problematic fact for companies using email marketing. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these disposable addresses, but above all, how to avoid them? We propose to answer these questions in this article.

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A disposable email address is an email address whose use is temporary. Once its user no longer needs it, it can be deleted. It is generally used when a person must provide an email address and does not wish to give their personal address, or when the user’s main box is not accessible and the user still wishes to receive certain messages while waiting. that the problem is solved.

There are three types of disposable email addresses:

  1. The temporary email address
  2. The forwarding email address (forwarding emails arriving in the main mailbox to a temporary mailbox)
  3. The alias email address (associated with the main email address)

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Advantages of disposable emails for users

  • They are quick to create and easy to use.
  • They avoid receiving too much spam or junk mail in the main inbox.
  • They prevent personal data from being associated with that address, thus allowing users to maintain their privacy.
  • They are practical in certain situations, when the email is requested, but the person does not wish to give their personal address (online purchase, form, registration, creation of an account on a site, downloading of content, etc.).
  • They allow for a more organized main inbox, with less spam.

Disadvantages of disposable emails for marketers

  • They negatively impact sender reputation if the mailing list includes too many of them.
  • They generate a bad rate of opening and clicks, because the messages arriving at them are little or not opened (waste of time and money).
  • They distort the results of marketing campaigns because the message can arrive in the inbox without being consulted.
  • They pose a risk of abuse in terms of the services or products offered free of charge, because some people do not hesitate to create several temporary addresses to take advantage of them.

What solutions to avoid disposable email addresses?

Build on trust

To avoid disposable emails as much as possible, you must first build a solid brand image so that you acquired and potential subscribers trust you. Indeed, it very often happens that users choose to enter a disposable address because they are suspicious of the brand in question. It is therefore essential to take the time necessary to build this same brand image, focusing on respect and authenticity, offering suitable and reliable products/services, optimizing the customer experience.

Do not hesitate to explain very clearly to them the reason why you want to obtain their address, and how you undertake to protect their data, leave them the choice to register or to unsubscribe. Be as transparent as possible.

Maintain your mailing lists

The second key point to avoid having too many disposable addresses and to improve your deliverability is to regularly check and clean your mailing lists.

In conclusion, disposable email addresses are advantageous for users while they are inconvenient, even really problematic for companies using emailing. Consumers are increasingly suspicious about the use made of their data. It is therefore crucial for web marketers to do everything to gain and maintain the trust of their audience, while maintaining clean and up-to-date lists.


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