Today, a large majority of visits to websites are made via smartphone, and the same goes for the consultation of emails. An observation that allows us to understand why it is more than wise to add a clickable phone number to the messages you send to your subscribers. From its design to its advantages, including its design, we invite you to better understand the usefulness of this clickable issue.

What is a clicable phone number?

A clickable phone number, is a phone number or button behind which is hidden an HTML tag including said phone number. Thus, when the person clicks on the link/button, the number is directly composed via a call application.

In other words, instead of copying or retaining the number and then dealing with it, the person must just click on it to launch the call. There is no intermediate step, which is particularly practical for any user wishing to contact your company.

clickable number email

There are two types of clickable phone numbers:

  • The click to call, which allows the user to leave his contact details by pressing the button, and then quickly contacted by the company.
  • The click to speak, which allows the company to be called instantly by pressing the link.

Why include a clickable phone number in your emails?

Beyond its practical appearance, the clickable phone number offers an easy, direct and fast way for your subscribers to communicate with you. More personal than the traditional chatbot, it involves better exchanges with your audience, therefore a higher commitment as well as an increase in sales.

Another advantage: making this telephone number more accessible to calls on the concept of transparency. Users are reassured, which leads to greater confidence in your brand, therefore increased satisfaction and loyalty.

The clickable phone number also allows a company to follow the degree of satisfaction of its customers and subscribers, therefore to better meet their needs.

Finally, be aware that it offers very good results for all types of emails (commercial, comments, customer assistant, etc.).

How to create the clickable phone number in your email?

The procedure is quite simple. For example, let’s start that the phone number you want to communicate is 01 12 23 34 45.

Example 1: You want a link with the phone number

<a href="tel:0112233445">01 12 23 34 45</a>

Example 2: You want a link with the mention “Contact us by phone”

<a href="tel:0112233445">Contact us by phone</a>

Design an attractive button

The problem of this clickable phone number is that it is not really sexy with its blue color and its highlighting. You can therefore improve it so that it is more attractive and that it sticks with the design of the email, especially if the latter is worked.

Size, color, shape, location and choice of words are all items to take into account so that your clickable phone number works, just like for conventional call-to-action buttons.

  • The size: the clickable phone number must draw attention, but not monopolize it.
  • Color: Avoid red, often associated with danger or ban, and favor shades such as blue, purple or green for example. Also take into account the color code of your brand and your website.
  • The form: try to opt for a form symbolizing communication, for example a telephone or a bubble of discussion.
  • The location: the clickable phone number must be clearly visible, or even follow the user’s gestures if possible, when it scrolls the content.

No need to design a particularly sophisticated button. It can be a simple bubble containing a small phone symbol, followed by the number in question.

Useful tips for your clickable phone number

  • As always, remember to test your clickable phone number on several devices before sending the campaign, to make sure it works properly everywhere.
  • Before deciding to include a clickable phone number in your email, make sure you have the necessary capacity to support a large volume of call. It is better to avoid putting your subscribers on hold as much as possible.
  • When your campaign is launched, remember to ask your assistance team if the number of calls has increased since, to verify that the clickable phone number fulfills its goal.
  • It is possible to integrate a Google Analytics event on the link to find out how many users have clicked on the phone number indicated.


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