Dominant channel in the field of marketing, emailing is a must for today’s brands and businesses. A phenomenon widely accelerated by the COVID pandemic which prompted specialists to find solutions to remain digitally connected with their customers, the face to face being temporarily set aside. Like any tool, the email is a perpetual evolution, an evolution to be followed closely to stay on the page. We therefore invite you today to approach the 6 trends in email marketing in 2022.

email marketing 6 trends 2022

1# Protection of privacy

Obsolescence of third-party cookies on Google, implementation of Apple Mail Privacy Protection: More than ever, the protection of user privacy is considered a priority. More and more of them are wary and to seek proof that their personal data will be used as they wish. It is therefore crucial to provide them with this evidence, to show them that they can trust and that you respect their wish.

It is time to adapt: ​​think confidentiality, compliance with GDPR standards, first part and given data “zero-party“. The goal is to acquire the confidence of your prospects and customers, to be responsible and transparent, in particular with regard to the way you collect their data. Thus, protection of privacy is an essential criterion to take into account when you build your marketing strategy.

2# AI for personalization

Personalization is also an essential in email marketing and increases both the opening rate, the conversion rate and the transaction rate. But beware, it is no longer simply a question of placing the person’s name and first name in your message, it goes much further now. Your subscribers want something very precise that meets their needs and expectations. To do this, you must now bet on micro-segmentation using increasingly sharp data (preferences, purchase behavior, location, profession, etc.).

For this degree of personalization, more and more marketing specialists turn to artificial intelligence (AI) with a well-defined strategy. Indeed, it allows, among other things, to very quickly analyze a gigantic amount of data and then draw concrete and useful results from it, to personalize the campaigns in an extremely precise manner, to create and clean the diffusion lists.

3# Interactive and licked emails

Here is a trend that is not new, but which has been very strengthened in recent years. Your emails should not only be personalized. They must also be interactive (attractive and optimized CTA, surveys, interactive content, etc.), offer an ultra neat design depending on trends, for example dark mode, minimalist presentation, illustrated icons, GIF, etc. In short, your emails must seduce subscribers and make them want to interact with you.

4# Omnichannel marketing campaigns

Omnicanal marketing is to use all the channels available online and offline, in order to create the best possible customer experience, while ensuring that this same experience is always fluid and coherent. So do not hesitate to combine your emailing with other techniques (marketing by SMS, paid advertisements, blog, social media, etc.).

This type of marketing offers increased customer satisfaction (contributing to their loyalty and higher sales results), but also precise and efficient data collection.

5# Newsletters

The newsletters are still extremely effective in 2022. They remain one of the best Means for brands to communicate with their audience, to establish with the public a solid, direct and lasting relationship.

6# Optimization on mobile

We are in an era where the mobile reigns supreme, with a percentage of navigation exceeding that of the computers. Almost everything is going through smartphones and tablets. Adapting your marketing strategy to this observation is no longer just an advantage; It has become an imperative to reach the widest possible public and not stay lagging behind. The mobile optimization must therefore be part of your priority list, with outgoing emails On smartphone only on computer.

As you can see, it is essential to follow the pulse of marketing trends, especially in emailing, to adapt constantly to offer your audience suitable solutions and offer it a unique experience.