We can never repeat it enough, personalization is essential in writing your marketing emails today. It is even one of the major trends of 2022 with the use of AI to make it as advanced as possible. However, it is good to ask yourself how far this same personalization can go: familiar or formal with your recipients? This is the question we propose to answer in this article.

Know how to address your audience

With the omnipresence of social networks, which are now essential and constantly used, a different relationship has been created between brands and their audience. Proximity, a space in which one and the other can dialogue, even leaving room for existing and potential customers to communicate their needs, their satisfactions, but also their dissatisfaction. The former impersonal coldness now gives way to something more intimate, more authentic and direct. A trend that leads, in the field of email marketing in particular, to wonder how to stay close to its recipients without becoming too familiar or intrusive.

In the ocean of emails received every day, the public needs addressed proposals that meet their expectations, instead of vague, general, even sometimes insistent messages, clearly looking like they have been sent to a list without take the time to see if it fits or not. Because these things are felt and sometimes even jump to the eyes.

email personalization

The two key points for personalizing your mailings

Who are you sending your email to?

Start by stating the person’s first and last name rather than a Mrs. or Mr., as this helps give the recipient the impression that you are addressing them directly rather than an indistinct mass. This detail creates a real exchange and the reader feels privileged, known. It will therefore be much better able to read your email.

What is your proposal?

Feel free to choose micro-segmentation to find your audience’s preferences, buying behaviors, profession, age, location, etc. Then, depending on the results obtained, you can design targeted messages and even personalized recommendations, adapted and specific proposals to which your audience will respond much better than to non-targeted emails.

To be familiar: a question often asked

This is a big question that divides, at least in French territory since the subject does not take place with English for example. To answer this, you need to take into account the image that your brand wishes to convey, the message it wants to convey, and above all the audience to whom the email will be sent.

Thus, you must know precisely who you are addressing in terms of age, socio-demographic character and situation. Do not hesitate to use your personas as well as all the information you have about your audience. It is also essential to take into account the personality of your company, the image you want to convey: rather relaxed, young and accessible, or more serious and professional?

To conclude, let’s say that there is no precise rule for optimal personalization. The most important thing is to know your recipients well, to know how to talk to them, what to offer them, while remaining consistent in your communication and in what you reflect. The degree of proximity will be defined according to these different points.



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