Clean up its mailing list: The 10 important reasons

1 - Avoid inactive contacts

What is an inactive email? This term may be defined by an email address having not reacted for some time. The problem with inactive is their bad influence on your sender reputation with ISPs.

The different techniques to implement:

  • Segmentation: It is important to treat your inactive subscribers differently.
  • Disable Program: If the different re-engagement strategies have failed, it may be time to part with some of your inactive.
  • Cleaning your lists: This is the inevitable solution, stop contacting your inactive consumers.
  • Other strategies: improving the promise made at registration, set up a double optin procedure, set up a welcome program more visible to the unsubscribe button...

In conclusion: Never leave your sleeping email addresses for several months without using them! There is a very high risk of blockage: first, because since you have not had the opportunity to clean the bounces then because some subscribers may have "forgotten" have registered and would report emails as spam.

2 - Bounces, what is it and how to avoid them?

If emailing, we classify different statuses email: delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, blocked, set spam, and bounces, rebounds or also called mistakes. The email you sent is not accepted by the courier or the recipient's ISP. There is no delivery of the message. This refusal therefore triggers an action back (rebound), and you receive this error notification.

Soft bounces and Hard bounces?

The soft bounces may be due to the fact that your recipient's mailbox is full, the destination mail service is temporarily inactive, your message is too heavy The causes are as varied hard bounce: the destination address is non-existent The mail service no longer exists, the domain of the recipient's address is no longer valid.

How did the bounces affect deliverability?

A high bounce rate indicates that your list is out of date. This is your list contains too many inactive addresses. A high error rate will trigger different alarms ISP. Eventually, your sender reputation will be seriously reducing the impact deliverability good the rest of your emails.

How to maintain a low rate of bounces?

You must take into account several parameters:

  • Make sure that your contact list is legitimate, systematically putting up a registration process by double opt-in.
  • Send your campaigns regularly.
  • After each campaign, do not hesitate to remove from your lists the addresses that return errors. This is the best way to maintain your current list.
  • CaptainVerify use to check or clean your mailing list.

3 - Maintain your database

Exclude bounces or RTS "return to sender", process duplicates ... Regular cleaning of your mails bases can enhance openness mails, but also reduce the shipping costs of its advertising campaigns so it helps to improve the overall performance of its base . A small basic reagents contacts is better than a poorly maintained large file.

4 - Keep a good reputation with ISPs and your email router

By cleaning your database of these bounces, your reputation with the ISP is going to be good. Your IP will be well recognized and messages of good qualities and have a much greater chance to arrive and not receiving boxes of canned spam.

Bounces or RTS means "return to sender" appointed emarketing "bad mails" Their rate is the percentage of emails that no longer correspond to users that you want to contact. This is an important statistic to measure the quality of address file used, and measure deliverability of its mailings.

For your reputation, your mailing lists must maintain when you encounter bounces. You will send a very negative message if you persist in using addresses that do not respond.

5 - Reducing costs

You'll understand when cleaning your database of email bounces her, duplicates. Your sent volume will decrease. So the cost of sending your mailings will also lower. The cost of sending mailings is proportional to the volume of mail to be sent. Showing white paste with your platform sending mailings, you also save the cost of a dedicated Ip.

6 - Increase ROI (return on investment)

Bounces have a very negative impact on all mailings statistics, whether the opening, the click through rate or ROI: each undeliverable address represents an economic loss. Accordingly, manage and clean up your mailing list to have the lowest rate is very important in emailing, either to improve the quality of the address file, avoid overloading the reception servers, and optimize KING.

7 - Getting a good sender score

Each IP address or domain that was used to send an email is followed by organizations related to reputation. ISPs assign each a score of their own, with a more or less evolved algorithm, but that is unique to each.

IPR (Inbox Placement Rate): This is a deliverability rate slightly stricter. It does not take into account that the email actually delivered ratio inbox. Formula: Inbox Placement Rate = (Volume sent - Bounces) - (+ lost Spam Emails) / Volume sent. A normal IPR is higher than 88%.

8 - Get new clients

Once your bases cleaned mails, you will be able to focus on other things like your active and inactive. Assets are surfers who open emails so consult your messages. Inactive are those that do not open your messages. You will need to activate your inactive concentrate to recover a potential new customers you have on hand. For this, we advise you to change communication axis, revise the sender, the title and content of your emails to segment your database.

9 - Improve your SEO ranking

What your SEO and your reputation emailer can be linked? Google has obtained a patent filed in 2012. The patent, spam and junk mail that can be used as a signal of the reliability of the supplier. So a provider that sends little spam will be able to get a good score. Google will set all this via the sending IP, urls redirects, the email addresses of senders. As we all know, Google is developing algorithms regularly to refine the relevance of results in its search engine. And it is thus part of one of the many quality criteria to google eyes. So as to keep the good points at every level with this key player both in SEO, only good practice to send email.

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