The newsletter is an essential, durable and redoubtably effective tool in a marketing campaign. Loyalty, accurate targeting, hike traffic, excellent king, etc. It is a communication lever that offers valuable benefits to the company who knows how to use it properly. We propose here to explain the essentials on this famous newsletter.

What is a newsletter?

The Newsletter is a tool used by businesses to regularly communicate various information to its customers, its subscribers and its prospects, via their electronic inbox. These are usually news about the brand, a product or service. Attention, as the name suggests, the newsletter must inform and not force; It is a subtlety to take into account when it is created.

Why do a newsletter?

The newsletter has several advantages. It first offers the opportunity to communicate the desired message on a regular and direct way to a specific audience, directly on their web messaging.

It is an inexpensive and easy to set up tool, which maintains contact with customers and prospects, to create a link between the sender and the recipients, to retain, send targeted content, and d ‘Increase the number of visitors on a site thus to increase traffic.

Since the newsletter is easily measurable, it allows the company that uses its evolution and modify it if necessary, depending on the results obtained.

Finally, it offers an excellent return on investment, much higher than other classical marketing tools.

How to make a newsletter?

The first thing to do for the company is to set the objectives of the newsletter because it will make it possible to decide its content. Depending on these objectives, it will then be possible to define the target of the shipment. This must be accurate and relevant for maximum efficiency.

Now place visual and editorial creation. This is usually the graphic designer and the web developer who will jointly take care of this task. The graphic designer for the visual part (including the use of the logo and colors of the brand or company), while the developer will make sure the newsletter is displayed in the correct format regardless of the type of ‘device used by the reader.

The writing of the message will generally be carried out by a writer or editor who will follow the recommendations given by the head of the campaign. The newsletter must contain the name of the sender clearly and recognizable for the recipient, a subject / title giving the desire to open the mail, followed by the content with, at the end, a “call-to-action” Introducing the reader to click.

Finally, it will be necessary to determine the frequency of sending the newsletter. To create a newsletter, it is important to use tools, namely professional software planned for this purpose.

When send the newsletter?

The newsletter must be regular. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual. It is up to the company to define the most adapted frequency of sending according to its objectives and shared information.

IMPORTANT: Before sending the newsletter to the target audience, it is essential to test multiple messaging internally in order to be sure that it does not fall into spam and is displayed correctly on the different media.

How to measure the success of a newsletter?

Measuring tools will allow the company to know if the sent newsletter works or not. For example, they can indicate the number of people who opened the letter, the number of people clicked on the action button at the end or any other link integrated into the content, or the number of people who have unsubscribed. This information is needed to see what works or what does not work, and thus optimize the newsletter.