A visually attractive email makes all the difference. Why ? Because before reading the message sent, your audience will judge him at first glance and make a first impression. So you want it to be good. How to succeed in your design and layout of email when you are not a graphic designer? Here are some basic tips for making your shipment as attractive and most efficient as possible.

Layout: The principle of visual hierarchy

The visual hierarchy designates the way, the order in which you will classify the elements present in your emails to guide reading, while highlighting the main information. Several elements such as typography, color, spaces, contrasts and others make it possible to set up this visual hierarchy.

A good visual hierarchy will strongly influence the action of the subscriber, namely if he will read the email and act, or delete it.

The visual path

For a large majority of people, the path made by the eyes during reading the email is like a “Z”, that is to say that they move straight from left to right, diagonal From right to left, then again straight from left to right, hence this famous shape. The title will generally be at the top left, followed by an image on the right, again an image at the bottom left, then the text opposite right. This way of structuring your email is recommended in the case of content with a lot of information.

pyramid read
Another construction technique for reading, which is often used by journalists, the inverted pyramid is simple and effective. It is a question here of going straight to the goal by first placing the essential information at the top of the text and in the title in order to immediately attract the attention of the reader. Then comes the more detailed part, to finish with the call-to-action. This layout can be used to encourage your readers to go to a page on your site, buy a product/service, or even register for an event.

The main elements of the visual hierarchy


colors emotion
The choice of color (s) is important and must correspond to your brand. This applies in particular for brands whose logo and color are strongly known, like Coca-Cola. You can also choose to take into account the impact of certain colors on emotions and the psyche, but also the link they create with certain subjects. Here are some examples :

  • Green will rather be used for nature, well-being/health, adventure, etc.
  • Blue will accompany a theme such as travel, new technologies, IT, etc.
  • Orange will go with sport themes, communication, coaching, etc.

Please note, it is important to put color, but be sure not to transform your emailing into a labeled table. Remember that the idea is to bring out your message, to give your subscribers to want to read and act, not to lose them or to blind them.


text space
Opt for a clear, fluid, ventilated layout. Your emails should be easy and pleasant to read. Forget the cobblestones of texts or the too full of texts and images. For this, do not hesitate to play with the spaces.


text read
In terms of pure text, use everything available to prioritize your information: fat, italics, titles, subtitles, chips, etc. Also use relatively simple to read fonts like Arial or Calibri for example and make fairly short paragraphs. Be brief, concise, clear and effective.


text image ratio
Do not forget to apply the good text/image (60% text and 40% images). The images accompany the text and tell a story. No need to put too much, it must remain well-balanced.

In case you subscribe has opted for an option to hide or deactivate images on their messaging box, make sure your email is still readable, including your call-to-action. Also add alternative text describing these visuals.

Practical tools to design beautiful emails

For graphics novices, know that there are platforms to help your email design. Among them :

  • Canva, a free design tool (with a wide choice of models);
  • Design Seeds, a free site to look for photos depending on color ranges;
  • Bee Free, an editor allowing to quickly and easily create responsive emails, also offering many templates.
  • Also Aweber, Dyspatch, Stripo, Topol, and many others.

A good email design is essential for your emailing campaign. If you do not have the time or budget to use a graphic designer, these sites and advice will allow you to design efficient and visually attractive emails. You can even create several models that will then serve you as a basis, and which you will therefore only have to personalize with each new shipment.