Transactional email is one of the important points of the email marketing strategy. It not only makes it easier to reach recipients than with a promotional message, but also helps strengthen the brand’s relationship with each of its customers. To properly use this force and optimize the impact of your transactional emails, we suggest 5 essential practices.

1# Put yourself in the user’s shoes

It is essential to know your audience in order to be able to address them in the right way. In the case of transactional email, you need to know exactly who the recipient is, where they are in their customer lifecycle, what they need, and how you can best respond to them. Its needs.

2# Place the frame of your transactional email correctly

Your first objective is to ensure that the email sent is opened. A single glance is enough for the recipient to decide whether to open a message or delete it. The framework is therefore essential. It should include a clearly defined sender with an easily recognizable name and address, as well as an obvious and concise subject. In this way, the reader immediately knows who the email is from and what it is about.

3# Take care of the content

The text

transactional emails 1
In a transactional email, you don’t need to spread out over several paragraphs. The goal is to inform the recipient following one of their activities, so get to the point. Be careful, this does not mean that the content should be neglected, quite the contrary. The open rate is higher for transactional emails than for marketing emails, so now is not the time to slack off on the content side.

Your text must be simple, coherent, structured and bring value to the person who receives it. All the information she needs should be in the message, depending on the type of transactional email involved. If it is an order confirmation, you will need to provide the date, order details, cost, etc. In this case, do not forget to thank the Internet user for his purchase. If necessary, place quick links to pages that may be useful to him. Anticipate their needs.

The visual

transactional emails 2
Just as the tone of the text must be adapted to the subject of the email, the brand and the recipients, the same goes for the visual. Do not neglect this aspect under the pretext that it is a transactional email and not marketing. Do not hesitate to be creative, to find an eye-catching design and images, capable of seducing at first sight. The challenge is to find the happy medium: your visual must challenge and please, without eclipsing the essential information of your message.

4# Customize: again and again

We can never say it enough, personalization is the key! Your recipient wants to feel listened to, pampered, unique. Rather than a boat and generalized message, enter the first name of the person (first name and last name if it is a B2B shipment). For an order confirmation, contact your reader directly. This includes in particular the construction of a sentence with the use of “you” and “your”, rather than a classic “Order confirmed”.

5# Place recommendations and suggestions

Yes, we have said it many times, transactional email is for informative and not promotional purposes. However, it is possible to combine the two, provided you have the art and the way. It can even be part of personalization. Indeed, if you know your customer well, you know what type of product/service is likely to interest him. You can therefore slip targeted suggestions at the end of your email, in the form of a sentence and a call to action. This shows the recipient that you understand their needs, and it creates future sales opportunities for your business.

However, be careful here. Your recommendations should be made with subtlety and sobriety, at the bottom of the email, in order to maintain its transactional nature.