Emailing is an essential marketing tool for the efficiency of your campaigns. Easy to set up, it offers large customization possibilities, an excellent interaction with your audience and good possibilities of customer conversion. To maximize its impact and fully take advantage of the strength of this support, it is essential to use good software. Discover in this article what is the best free GDPR email software.

The importance of choosing the best emailing software for your company

Much of the success of your emailing marketing campaign is based on the quality of the software you use, it is a fact. Among the imperative criteria, the platform you choose must make it possible to easily carry out mass, both personalized and targeted (principle of automation). Thanks to it, you must be able to create captivating emails while benefiting from a simple and intuitive user interface.

Your ideal email software should also allow easy management of your diffusion lists, with segmentation and performance monitoring features, while avoiding as much as possible your shipments are found in spam well obviously in accordance with the general data protection regulations (GPDR).

The best GDPR email software


sendinblue emailing
The european leader in emailing, SendinBlue is aimed as much at small structures, start-ups that are launching, as large companies. Although it is a English interface, it is also available in other languages.

SendinBlue offers several packages whose prices remain very accessible compared to the many available features. The first, completely free, includes unlimited contacts and authorizes up to 300 daily shipments. The platform also has a complete marketing automation tool (available from the free package) with visual editor allowing you to easily create scenarios, test them and modify them. Easy to use, it adapts to beginners and experts, and allows you to create licked and engaging emails.

We will cite some other interesting advantages such as sending Marketing SMS, an IP address dedicated, the display of statistics in real time and the optimization of the time of sending, without forgetting a beautiful gallery of templates.

Finally, she has an assistance service available 24 hours a day (very practical), as well as a blog containing many tips, tips and studies.


sarbacane emailing
The Sarbacane platform is distinguished by its very complete, fluid and intuitive software, but also by the fact that it offers its customers a high quality personalized support comprising different options, as well as webinaries and Training.

Marketing and transactional emails, Marketing SMS, Creation of Landing Pages, A/B Testing, Marketing Automation, Segmentation and Simplified Contact Management, Precise Campaign Analysis: it offers many advanced features, some even incorporating AI.

Sarbacane also presents a publisher of templates pointed and easy to use (with in particular the technique of “Drag and Drop”), as well as multiple possibilities of personalization.

The software is available for free for a month, with access to all features.


mailjet emailing
Formerly French, Mailjet has recently been administered by an American company (MailGun), but still retains its servers in Europe. It remains a reference emailing platform and also offers a programming interface (Email API). Mailjet is ultra complete software which is therefore aimed at both marketing teams and developers.

It allows you to send marketing and transactional emails, but also transactional SMS. Mailjet obviously allows the A/B testing, the segmentation of contacts, as well as the automation and personalization of shipments. It has an excellent email publisher to create very beautiful supports and offers optimal monitoring of results.

Another interesting and very practical feature: this software allows real -time collaboration between marketing teams on the creation of emails. Regarding packages, the free solution includes the unlimited number of contacts, 6,000 emails per month, 200 emails per day, API, SMTP relay, webhooks, use of the advanced email publisher and basic statistics.

The best American software

Although support for “French Tech” is important, it is clear that the solutions proposed on the other side of the Atlantic are also not lacking in assets. Some American email software is indeed classified among the best. Here are the main ones to remember:

  • Campaignmonitor, especially known for the quality it offers in terms of email design.
  • Mailchimp, a simple, efficient marketing platform, with great features and free.
  • Mailerlite offers a rather attractive free trial version (12,000 emails sent per month and list of contacts up to 1,000 subscribers), with very good features, as well as an easy -to -hand interface.
  • ActiveCampaign combines email marketing and CRM for even more personalized emails and users. The free trial version is available for 14 days.
  • MailGun (Mailjet) offers a full service. Mainly designed for developers, it is still widely used by marketing experts.
  • Sendgrid is one of the market leaders and allows the sending of marketing emails as transactional, while offering excellent deliverability. The free version offers beautiful options and up to 100 emails sent per day.
  • DRIP is aimed more at e-commerce companies, bloggers and digital experts. This software has many practical tools and offers a free 14 -day trial period.
  • Hubspot, all-in-one software particularly good for businesses in the growth phase, with a fairly complete free version as well as many effective automation features.