It is quite common to associate newsletter and emailing, in the sense that these two marketing communication tools may seem similar and, as a result, be confused. However, there is a distinction between the two. Each having its definition as its own objectives. To understand and correctly integrate their differences is important because it will allow them to use them optimally.

Definition of a newsletter

The newsletter is a tool for businesses and organizations to communicate with their network (customers / prospects / subscribers) on a regular basis by sending directly into their electronic inbox with relevant information. These can be varied content, such as the presentation of a product or service, the announcement of an event, news, etc.

Its main objectives:

  • inform
  • Send a direct message, targeted and adapted to a specific audience
  • Maintain regular contact between the company or organization and its network
  • Generate traffic on the company’s website or organization

Definition of emailing

Email Marketing is a type of mail electronically sent directly to the recipient’s mailbox (customers and prospects), with the aim of promoting a product or service of the company or organization originally. This direct marketing technique therefore aims to use email as a sales channel.

Its main objectives:

  • Promoting a product or a service
  • Inform the network about the latest news proposed by the company or organization
  • Loyalty Customers
  • Generate sales
  • Increase the brand’s reputation

The main differences between newsletter and emailing

Both use the email channel to communicate directly with customers and prospects, allowing at the same time to increase the visibility of a company or organization, as well as the traffic on its site. Apart from that, these two techniques have several significant differences, especially in terms of targets, targets and sending frequency.

First, the main function of the newsletter is informative, while that of the Email marketing is commercial. The first will inform the reader for the purpose not only to maintain the contact, but also at the same time to retain and improve the image of the company or organization. The second goes for his part to convince, to encourage immediate or future sale by promoting a product or service. It is therefore essential to adapt the contents of each of these tools so that they are effective.

Regarding the targets, the newsletter is aimed at a list of subscribers, so people who have agreed to receive the content, usually established contacts as well as clients who are interested in the company. On the other hand, much wider marketing email marketing with customers and prospects (known or not) gathered in a carefully established list based on their profile.

Finally, comes the question of periodicity. The newsletter proposes a regular shipment fixed on a precise basis, determined upstream (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), while the sending of the email marketing is done on a punctual way, depending on the exit of a Product or service, in the form of a massive shipment made at a strategic time.

In conclusion, newsletter and email marketing are very different, but that does not prevent them from complementing themselves; Both can be used in the global marketing communication strategy. For optimal complementarity, it will then be necessary to make a clear distinction between their content, their periodicity, as well as the persons to whom each of these letters is sent.



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