After addressing the subject of the checklist before sending an email, it is natural to talk about the preview of email since that is just part of the tests to be carried out before sending your campaign. Everything must be perfect, including the display of your message. For that, you must have a precise idea of the rendering once the message is open. What is the preview email, why not neglect this step and how to do it?

What do we mean by email preview?

Please note, do not confuse the preview of email and pre-header that we have already mentioned in a previous article. Email preview here is the rendering of your email before sending it, the way it will appear when your recipients will open their message. In other words, it is a question of checking that the content and the HTML/CSS design will be optimally out.

email preview

Indeed, the rendering of an email differs according to several elements: the support used by recipients (mobile, tablet or computer), as well as the reception box. Regarding this second element, you should know that email customers each have their own parameters. Your email can for example be displayed in the right way on Gmail, but not on Outlook. Hence, the importance of making a precise preview on each reception box used by your subscribers before the final sending. Email Preview concerns both text, images, formatting, personalization and links.

Why is this preview stage so important?

This verification is essential, because it will play a major role in the reading rate and the engagement rate. If your email is poorly displayed, so if it is little or not legible, the recipient will not bother to consult it, and even less to click on the possible links it understands. In some cases, it could even unsubscribe or designate you as spam, which would strongly affect your reputation as a sender.

Admit that it would be a shame if the hard work carried out by your various teams (development, graphics and writing) was spoiled because you have missed this step.

How to get an email preview?

Email preview can be done manually, testing your content on each media medium and service. However, this method will take a long time. The best option is therefore to go through a specialized platform, which will be responsible for performing this verification more efficiently, fast and easy. These tools often offer many practical options and are not limited to the simple preview of email. A precious saving of time and money, with the possibility of consulting on the same tool a host of possible rendering.

There are several platforms to make these controls, some with more or less functionalities. The main ones are litmus, email on acid, previewMyEmail and emailreach. Other known tools such as Mailchimp and SendinBlue also offer email preview tests.

We can never repeat it enough: tests are essential for any self-respecting emailing campaign. Everything must be impeccable. Thus, before pressing the “Shipping” button, always remember to make an email preview to make sure that your message is properly displayed on all the supports and on all the messaging customers of your contacts. This essential verification is a determining factor to ensure the success of the campaign on which you have hardly worked, and to obtain the best possible ROI.



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