In marketing, above all sending email, a small control list is essential. This will allow you in particular to analyze different crucial elements of the message sent in order to avoid the errors as much as possible and to verify that everything is in order. A key point for your campaigns to have the best possible impact by reaching the reception box of your recipients. Here is this famous and precious checklist.

The importance of checking your email before sending it

Your campaign is ready and perfectly targeted. You may therefore wonder why check your email rather than send it directly. Well simply because it can happen that one or several errors do not are slipped into it without you noticing. Errors that can, in some cases, negatively impact your campaign, or even your brand image. For example, it can be a link that does not work, an image that is not displayed, and still many other “shells” which can spoil the display of your email.

So to ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to perform several checks beforehand.

Step 1: Check that the basics of your campaign are well respected

1 check basics emailing
Any campaign begins with a strategy and planning:

  • What is the Objectives of your campaign? It can be a question of generating registrations, purchases, sponsorships, re-engage subscribers, etc.
  • What is targeted public? targeting can be done according to the trade, age, geolocation, type of engagement, etc. Here, it is essential to check that your distribution list coincides with the targeted audience.
  • How to measure campaign performance? You can use several Key performance indicators, such as click rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rate, king, etc.

Before sending your email, check that these three points are well respected and that they correspond to what was decided at the start.

Step 2: Check all of your content

2 check all content emailing
Apart from spelling and grammar, you must make sure that the content sent corresponds to the key points mentioned above, therefore that it meets the objective of your campaign, and that it is thought (design and writing) as a function of targeted audience.

Also think of personalization, because today it is more and more advisable to send relevant emails, addressing the one who receives them directly. Check that your images are displayed properly and that all email links work when you click on it. Regarding these, make sure you have configured them in order to be able to follow up on the results. If you have placed CTAs, make sure of their efficiency and their proper functioning.

Also make sure that your email is visually pleasant and optimized:

  • Pass each element in a screen, including the sender name, the object of the email, the header, the pre-header, text, images, etc. They must create a homogeneous whole, making the recipient want to open the email and read it until the end. The same goes for the gross version of your email.
  • Think of Check that the display of your message is good on all supports (mobile and computer), and that it is legible on screen players as well as for people with visual impairment.
  • Test in dark mode to check that the colors are not reversed.
  • Your email file must not exceed 102 ko under penalty of being cut by Gmail.

Step 3: Check the way your email is displayed in the reception box

3 check email displayed
Sometimes forgotten or set aside, this step is important, because the display of your email will be the first thing your subscribers will see by opening their reception box. Your brand must therefore make the best first impression possible.

The elements that must appear are:

  • The sender contact details (name and address email address)
  • The object
  • The date
  • The preview of the text
  • Response address (indicate a real address (that is to say, address “noreply”)
  • The BIMI (verified logo of the sender)

Step 4: Check the deliverability of your emails

4 check deliverability
One of the essential things for the success of your campaign is to ensure that your email is uncomfortable in the reception box of your recipients, not in spam. For this, several factors must be taken into account:

  • Always propose the Opt-in to your subscribers, And this, clearly and precisely.
  • Respect the rules established by French legislation and European concerning the protection of personal data, Without forgetting to adapt according to the country where your subscribers reside.
  • check your lists: Remove what is most obvious: inactive contacts, bounces, duplicates …
  • Always place a functional, clear and precise unsubscribe link in your email.
  • Have your IP address and your domain name verify.
  • Use tools to first test the delivery of your email.

As you can see, this is not just, once your campaign is ready, to send it directly. Keeping and monitoring this control list will allow you to put the odds on your side and offer your subscribers the best possible experience.


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