Increasingly used by companies as a prospecting and communication tool, SMS is not only practical, easy to use and inexpensive, but it also seems to become the favorite communication channel for consumers. Let’s see together what are the main advantages of SMS prospecting and what practices to put in place to optimize your sms marketing.

The main advantages of SMS prospecting

sms prospecting

A quick design

A commercial SMS must contain a maximum of 160 characters. It must therefore certainly be impactful, but requires less reflection than an email since its format is much shorter.

A high commitment rate

The sending of SMS offers a higher engagement rate compared to other channels used in marketing, with an opening rate of more than 95% noted in the minutes after receiving the message. Indeed, most consumers today keep their phone at hand and almost all open their text message immediately when they receive them.

Another factor contributing to this high engagement rate: SMS is more personal than email, in the sense that, for the moment, most of the messages received come from relatives. They are therefore open and read more easily. A size advantage, unlike the email for example, which arrives in a box filled with advertisements, customers, colleagues, etc., with much more rough competition.

This higher engagement rate also allows SMS to generate more conversions, therefore sales since people will be more likely to respond.

An inexpensive tool

Compared to traditional marketing forms, the cost of sending an SMS is very low and thus makes it possible to reach a very large number of targets without having to spend fortunes. A size advantage for companies that do not necessarily have large budgets but want to have a maximum impact.

In addition, if we take into account the number of conversions and the cost of a SMS marketing campaign, we quickly realize that this channel offers an excellent king.

competition still limited

For the moment, the majority of companies and brands go through other communication channels, such as email in particular. An advantage for those who have put themselves in SMS. Take advantage of it as long as it is still the case because the tendency of marketing by text message continues to grow.

A very versatile tool

SMS prospecting can take many forms. It can be a welcome message, a promotional offer, a flash sale, an event not to be missed, an exclusive reduction, etc.

7 Good SMS prospecting practices

sms prospecting know

1# Press yourself on a healthy database

As for emailing, quality of your contact list is primordial. Forget rental or purchase of lists. Prefer to build yours organically, even if it takes more time. The natural collection of numbers can for example be done via a form on your website by offering an offer or value content (case study, white paper, ebook, etc.).

Important: if the contact no longer wishes to receive your messages, in this case you will have to withdraw from your database.

2# Segmented your audience

The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign is to send the right message to the right people. For this, you must therefore segment your audience into several categories in order to be able to adapt your proposal according to precise characteristics (age, gender, location, profession, purchasing habits, etc.).

3# Stay in accordance with the legislation in force

In terms of prospecting by SMS, rules must be respected with regard to the law. This includes in particular the mention “stop sms“, obtaining the prior consent of the recipients, the sending days and hours, as well as the clear display of the identity of the message sender.

4# Give way to answers

Make sure that your recipients can respond directly to your shipments through a platform set up for this purpose. This makes it possible to create a real link, therefore to facilitate the conversion of prospects, and to develop commitment as well as customer loyalty.

5# Be impactful, but not insistent

Go sparingly on messages, avoid drowning your audience under massive shipments, as you might lose hard-acquired contacts. Prefer a single message, but make it short, targeted, impactful, well constructed, even inspiring.

6# Give information about you

A user will feel much more confident if he receives a clear message, in which he can easily identify the transmitter.

Here is an example :
prospection sms example
This message allows the recipient to know who it is dealing with and what it is about, but also to create a much more personal link than with a cold and vague message.

7# Never use your personal phone

This may seem obvious, and yet it is more than judicious to recall that a prospecting SMS should not be sent from your own phone. The best is to use a service specializing in this kind of shipment. This will prevent you from crumbling under response messages, making shipments by mistake, while allowing you to correctly analyze the results of your campaign (opening and response rate, internal notes, requests for referral, etc.).



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